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2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The ULM Counseling Center Substance Abuse Assessments

The Counseling Center offers substance abuse assessments to help students determine the nature and extent of their alcohol or other drug use and the impact of this use on their well-being. Counselors offer recommendations and referrals for any concerns identified during the assessment process. Substance abuse education and substance abuse counseling are available for both self-referred students and students referred by the Dean of Students/Office of Student Services, Residential Life, and the Athletic Director/Assistant Athletic Director.


Students who require addiction treatment, which is more intensive than can be offered through the Counseling Center, are referred the next level of care at an outside agency at the expense of the student.


Counselors may utilize the following resources to assist with the assessment and education of students with potential substance abuse or dependence issues:


SASSI – A brief self-report psychological screening which helps identify individuals who have a high probability of having a substance abuse or dependence disorder.

Screening for Mental Health – Online program, located on the Counseling Center’s website, which screens for alcohol-related problems.

Drug Screening – Mandated students who have committed drug offenses may be regularly evaluated for symptoms of continued substance use. Random drug screening may be a part of this evaluation process. In order to request a screen from a student, the counselor provides the student with a Drug Screen Notification form which directs the student to Saint Francis Health Center/Occupational Medicine Clinic (OccuMed), 920 Oliver Road, Suite 1400, Monroe, LA, within a 24-hour period. The student is also given a Non-Federal Custody and Control Form to accompany them to clinic. The student then returns the Donors Copy to the counselor when the process is completed.

AlcoholEdu for College – Interactive online program designed to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol amongst students.

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The Counseling Center provides services to students mandated to receive counseling by the Dean of Students/Office of Student Services, Residential Life, Title IX Office, and the Athletic Director/Assistant Athletic Director. Students must provide their written consent in order for the Counseling Center to release attendance information to the referral source. The only exception occurs when a student presents a clear and imminent danger to self or others – then the Counseling Center’s staff actively works with the referral source to address the potential danger.


When students give written consent to the Counseling Center’s staff to relay to their referral source information about their mandated sessions, the only information released relates to (1) students’ actual attendance for the assessment session(s) and (2) information that has a bearing on students’ danger to themselves or others. This does not at all preclude the possibility of the referral sources, students, and the Counseling Center’s staff agreeing that other pertinent information can be released, but the referral sources do not implement sanctions based on students’ decisions to allow or not allow the release of such additional information.


Note: Any students mandated to participate in a counseling session(s) at the Counseling Center are also afforded the alternative of securing counseling from appropriate licensed mental health professionals in the community.