Jan 31, 2023  
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AXIS TV System

The Office of University Relations shall serve as the clearinghouse (creating, posting, and deletion) for all messages to be placed on the closed circuit message board. The Director of University Relations will be responsible for the project.


AxisTV is a closed-circuit, on-campus communication system which uses flat-screen plasma monitors to broadcast important information to ULM students, faculty, and staff.  Displays are located at various points around campus. The Office of Public Information manages the system, reviews all messages for content and posts content to AxisTV.

Appropriate Types of Messages:

  • messages that directly involve ULM students, faculty, and staff
  • messages that highlight activities occurring on campus
  • student led activities such as fraternity and sorority functions, SGA, CAB, etc.
  • sports and special events such as theatre performances, plays, concerts, etc.
  • critical deadlines for academic calendar
  • important dates for university openings and closings
  • congratulations to university departments, organizations, and/or individuals for awards and honors
  • important weather and national news updates when necessary

Inappropriate Types of Messages:

  • listings of individual classes or majors
  • non-ULM activities
  • personal messages
  • items for sale

Helpful Hints about Composing Messages:

  • Use of pictures is encouraged. When using photos, be sure the photos are high-resolution 4” x 3” (1024 x 768) bit maps. A perfect template to use is a PowerPoint slide, as the PowerPoint slide is dimensionally consistent with the AxisTV screen. If in doubt, call the Office of Public Information at (318) 342-5440.
  • Be brief and to the point as your message has a better chance of being read if the content of the message is quickly and efficiently displayed.
  • Please keep in mind the space for creating messages on the AxisTV system is limited and your message can, at times, be competing with up to 30 other messages. With a cycle time of 10 seconds per slide, your message would display once every 5 minutes.

If you need more information or have other questions about AxisTV, please contact the Office of Public Information at (318) 342-5440.