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2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bayou Pointe Student Event Center

Bayou Pointe Student Event Center

The 37,000 square foot facility of the ULM Bayou Pointe Student Event Center (Bayou Pointe) will provide indoor and outdoor venues for many different types of events such as meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences, banquets and social functions. Our experienced staff is ready to provide guidance and suggestions to help ensure the success of your event.
Through the initiative of ULM Students and the Student Government Association (SGA), the students requested the Natatorium be converted into a Student Event Center. $7,000,000 in requested funding from the Student Activity Enhancement Fund was approved in the fall of 2015 to renovate Oxford Natatorium into a Student Event Center with ballrooms, spirit group practice area, a small theater with reception area, and outdoor social deck. Renovated Bayou Pointe opened in March 2018.


  • Ballrooms
  • Theatre
  • Reception Hall
  • Outdoor patio & Stage
  • Equipment/Set Ups
  • Beautiful Bayou View

Linked Forms:

PDF Brochure (http://www.ulm.edu/bayoupointe/documents/bayou-pointe-brochure.pdf)

ULM | Reservation Request Form (https://webservices.ulm.edu/wsforms/viewform.php?fid=bayou_point_reservation)

Alumni (Active Alumni Reservation Form PDF)  (http://www.ulm.edu/bayoupointe/documents/bpec-active-alumni-reservation-form.pdf)

Community/Public Reservation Form PDF (http://www.ulm.edu/bayoupointe/documents/bpec-community-public-reservation-form.pdf)

Non-Profit Reservation Form PDF  (http://www.ulm.edu/bayoupointe/documents/bpec-nonprofit-reservation-form.pdf)

ULM RSO Reservation Form PDF (http://www.ulm.edu/bayoupointe/documents/bpec-rso-reservation-form.pdf)


1 Warhawk Way
Monroe, LA 71209

Bayou Point (318) 342-1900


Request for more information at https://webservices.ulm.edu/wsforms/viewform.php?fid=bayou_point_reservation