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2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Liew Family International Student Center Policies and Procedures


The International Student Center is the community center for international students on the University of Louisiana at Monroe campus. It provides a central place for students to spend time learning, socializing, and relaxing while feeling more closely connected to campus. The building contributes directly to the educational mission of ULM by providing encouragement and opportunities for participation in educational, cultural, and recreational activities.

The following policies and procedures guide the management of the International Student Center and are designed to ensure that the property and facilities of the Center are used for the educational, cultural, and social benefit of the community. All uses inconsistent with these purposes are prohibited. For more in depth information please refer to the policy.


The International Student Center will close each day from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM. ULM international students will have use of the facility except for these hours.
Hours are set by the International Education Council and will be reviewed on a regular basis. Changes may be implemented as deemed appropriate.

Upon registration and payment of bills, all full time ULM international students will be granted ULM ID card swipe access to this facility during its hours of operation.
An eligible international student can have his ID Card access revoked by the Office for International Student Programs and Services (ISO) for a violation of the following rules. An appeal can be made to the International Education Council.

a) An ID Card may not be lent to another student to gain access to the facility.

b) Guests must be accompanied at all times by an eligible international student.

c) Eligible international students and their guests must vacate the premises by 2 AM each day. There will be no access during the hours of closure from 2 AM to 5 AM.

d) In the interest of security, no doors (interior or exterior) may be propped open. Any student who violates this security measure will have the privilege of using the student center revoked. No warnings will be issued and no exceptions can be made.

e) Windows must remain closed and locked at all times.

f) Accessibility may be adjusted to accommodate facility usage during special events.

g) Emergency exits shall remain accessible at all times, and emergency equipment and alarms shall not be disabled or discarded.

These rules and regulations are in addition to and supplement any other university rules, regulations, and/or codes/standards of conduct applicable to the use of and conduct in this facility.
Violations of the policies and procedures stated herein and any other university rules and regulations governing the use of this facility should be reported to the Office of International Student Programs and Services.


a) The International Student Center is not available for regularly scheduled classes.

b) ULM has a variety of annual all-campus events, (e.g. Homecoming, Spring Fling, Commencement, etc.). During these special events, every effort is made to honor tradition, and groups are discouraged from scheduling unrelated events.

c) As all ULM groups/individuals belong to a greater ULM community, it is anticipated that a spirit of cooperation, flexibility, and creativity will prevail in scheduling International Student Center events. On those occasions where access to the facility must be prioritized, the following list reflects the intended primary uses for the International Student Center (in priority order).

1) Events of an all-campus nature with focus on international student activities
2) Recognized international student organization sponsored events, meetings, and activities.

d) International Student Center events may be catered by off-campus entities and do not require Aramark’s services.


No person may intentionally physically block or restrict entrance to or exit from the building or portion thereof with intent to deny to others their entry to or exit from the building.
Parking for the facility is in the lot west of the building. However, there is one handicap accessible parking space next to the building.


a) Kitchen

i. If you are planning an event that will require use of the kitchen and its appliances, you must submit a Kitchen Reservation Request.
ii. When your event is completed, you must fill out and sign a Kitchen Cleanup Check Sheet.
iii. Please see the expanded kitchen policy below.

b) Study Rooms cannot be reserved – they are available on a first come basis.

c) Social Areas cannot be reserved – they are available on a first come basis.

d) Meditation/Prayer Room - Please see the expanded policy below for specific information on this room.

e) Laundry - facilities can only be used by those who are using the International Student Center as a place of residence on a transitional basis. The laundry rooms will remain locked in all other situations.


a) If you are planning an event that will require use of the kitchen and its appliances, you must submit a reservation request through http://ems.ulm.edu/VirtualEms/Login.aspx. The schedule on the website will contain the most current information, and will ensure that only space that is actually available is booked. Reservations are accepted in the order that they are received.

b) Kitchen time can be reserved for the current and following month. On the 1st of the month, the next month will be available for reservations. For example, during August, time can be reserved for both August and September. On September 1st, time can be reserved for September 1st through October 31st.

c) Major changes will not be accepted without 24 hour notice or by 12 noon Thursday for weekend events.

d) Once you have booked kitchen time you are responsible for letting us know if you need to cancel that reservation. While we understand that things come up, we have committed those kitchen hours to you and expect you to follow through with the commitment or let us know otherwise.

e) Each event should receive a policy and checklist form (see below) that is to be completed and signed after the kitchen use.

f) Students are expected to finish and clean within their reserved time. Please respect other people using the space and plan appropriately. We understand that on occasion, extra time will be needed. Please speak with the resident graduate assistant or the ISO regarding such needs. If another student has reserved time, and they agree to sharing time, work with them to ensure that all work can be done. Clean up as much of the space as possible to make room for those you are sharing time with.

g) Please be mindful of others sharing the common kitchen space and help us keep the area clean and functional. 

Basic courtesy rules:

a. You are welcome to use any of the equipment within the kitchen as long as it is cleaned and left in the same condition as you found it. Any Equipment marked PRIVATE is NOT FOR USE!

b. You may not remove any of our equipment, small-wares, etc. from the kitchen at any time.

c. Dishes and equipment must be returned to their original places before you leave.

d. Wash all dishes that you use, and do not leave them lying in the sink. You may soak them in the sink for a limited time if they need to be soaked, but please remove them after a while and certainly before you leave the premises.

e. Clean up any spills and splatters on tables and countertops.

f. Wipe out the microwave after use, particularly if your food splattered inside.

g. Throw away or recycle any wrappers, containers, peelings etc. that you no longer want.

h. Do not leave leftovers outside the refrigerator. Please label and put away anything you wish to keep in pantry/refrigerator. Please note that the refrigerator will be cleaned out weekly.

i. Label everything. To avoid having your stuff taken or used inappropriately, label it with your name and date before putting it away.

j. Respect other people’s labeled foods.

k. Anything that is left out unlabeled will be discarded. If you wish to leave something in the kitchen to share with others, please write “Share” on it and date it.

l. If you notice a low supply of paper towels, dish soap, or related items, please inform the resident graduate assistant.

m. Please help us enforce these rules. If you see someone violating these courtesy rules, let us know.


This room is open and available any time during the normal hours of the International Student Center by those students with access to the International Student Center through card swipe. As a courtesy to others who use this room, please consider removing your shoes prior to entering.

a) ULM recognizes that prayer and meditation may be performed in different ways within the different faith traditions. This room should be a “neutral” space which can be used by people of all faith groups within the university.

b) All users must be aware that the university only permits them to use the room on the understanding that this is a shared space lent by the university and all users must be welcoming to others who may use the space.

c) Users may wish to bring a prayer mat into the room for worship, but it is not permitted to leave any item in the room. Any item left behind will be removed and discarded.

d) It is not permitted to use this space for any purpose other than prayer or quiet meditation. That includes but is not limited to studying, resting, or working.

e) To preserve the utilitarian nature of the multi-faith room, please do not display imagery, signs, icons, or written materials in any permanent fashion inside the room or just outside the room. In other words, be sensitive to others who may also wish to use the room.

f) It is permissible for users to take hand-held objects into the room to aid personal prayer or meditation such as prayer beads, prayer or meditation cards, hand-held books, but no items larger than this.

g) Notices, posters, leaflets, or advertisements for forthcoming events must not be left in the multi-faith room.

h) Keeping the room clean for all users is of high importance. Therefore the room will be cleaned by the university Monday through Friday. Users are asked to help ensure that the room is left in a clean and tidy condition after use.

i) The lighting of candles and burning of incense in the rooms is not permitted.

j) Any issues or concerns related to the use of the meditation/prayer room should be reported to the Office of International Student Programs and Services (international@ulm.edu).


a) In the interest of safety, all persons should evacuate the building calmly and immediately in the event of a fire alarm. Alcohol, drugs, firearms, and gambling devices are not permitted within the building at any time.

b) Smoking in the building is prohibited.

c) No pets are allowed in the building.

d) Due to the proximity of food service, shoes and shirts must be worn in the building at all times with the exception of the Meditation/Prayer Room where removing shoes for prayer is permitted.

e) The use of roller skates/blades, skateboards, and bicycles is prohibited in the student center. Bicycles must be stored in the racks outside the building, not blocking walkways or entrances.

f) Any behavior exhibited in the student center that violates the law will not be tolerated.

g) The hours from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM are designated quiet hours. All televisions, computers, and sound systems must be kept to a minimal volume. Those who fail to comply will be asked to leave the building. Some events may be approved by the ISO as exceptions to the quiet hours.

h) Any general postings MUST be approved by the resident graduate assistant and may only be displayed on the designated board in the foyer. Nothing is to ever be displayed or hung on the interior or exterior walls of the building. No posting or flyer larger than 8.5”x 14” (legal size paper) will be approved for posting.

i) Any plans to decorate the facility MUST be approved by the Office for International Student Programs and Services.


Any use of the kitchen should be approved by the International Student Office. Each event should receive a policy and checklist form that is to be completed and signed after the kitchen use. Failure to turn in this sheet could result in suspension of future use of the kitchen. If you do not know how to work equipment, it is your responsibility to find out before your event. If the kitchen is not clean when you arrive, please let someone know. If a section of the kitchen is not used simply mark “NA” on the checklist.

Kitchen Checklist/Form (Example)
Check when completed Job to complete Initials of person responsible
  Wash all dishes used;  

Put all dishes and pans back where they were;

  Empty the dishwasher and put dishes in their proper place;  
  Clean dish drainer;  
  Clean sinks;  
  Clean all kitchen surfaces and leave clear;  
  Turn off ovens and stove;  
  Clean stove, grill, and microwave if used;  
  Turn off vents for stove and ovens;  
  Place ice scoop in its proper place;  
  Take out all trash (leave no food in trashcans);  
  Spray all kitchen surfaces with disinfectant;  
  Take leftover food and drinks with you; and  
  Turn off lights.  

All of the above has been completed, and the kitchen is clean and ready for the next event.

I understand that I or my group will be held responsible for any part not completed and can subsequently lose the privilege of kitchen use.


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