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2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Landscaping Sponsorship Policy (To Include Trees, Shrubs and Hardscape Items)

ULM has instituted a policy regarding organizations, colleges, departments or individuals who wish to sponsor a landscape or hardscape addition to campus. While such additions to the campus are admissible, they must be within parameters. Any trees, shrubs or hardscape items must fit within the overall campus landscape design. The following policy will guide those who wish to make additions to our campus:

Sponsorship Requirements:
Campus sponsors must be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) or a ULM University College/Department. Individuals (ULM Employees, Alumni or Friends of the University) that wish to recognize a student, faculty/staff member or an organization should contact the Dean of Students at 318-342-5230 for assistance.

Landscape Selection:
Sponsored landscape or hardscape items must conform to the overall landscape design of the University and will be selected by the ULM Grounds Department. Sponsoring groups may request certain trees, plants or hardscape items and the University will strive to find a suitable fit and location to satisfy the request. ULM Grounds personnel will be responsible for planting or placing the landscape item(s) in the designated location.

Cost to Sponsoring Group:
$400.00 (Payable to the ULM Landscape Fund – Foundation Acct. #93046) – This will cover the cost of the landscaping item, the standardized plaque (4” x 8”); and the materials & labor to mount the plaque in the appropriate location. (Note: if the item selected is more than the typical cost of a landscape item, the sponsoring organization will be required to cover the additional cost.)

Steps to Secure Sponsorship:
The sponsoring organization or individual will be responsible for submitting a written request to the *Logistical Liaison, (the Dean of Students at 318-342-5230) located in the Student Center Room 239, and for paying the required fees at the ULM Foundation Office located at 3601 DeSiard Street.

*Logistical Liaison:
The logistical liaison will obtain necessary approvals, maintain contact with requesting organization or individual, coordinate any services required from Physical Plant personnel, and arrange photo opportunities and press release information from ULM Media Relations.

The final approval Process will be as follows:

RSO’s Approvals;
Office of Student Life and Leadership
Vice President for Student Affairs
VPSA notifies the President

Academic’s Approval;
Department Head
Academic Dean (if applicable)
Academic VP notifies the President

Individuals (ULM Employees, Alumni, or Friends of the University);
Director of Development
Executive Vice President 
EVP notifies the President