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2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Housing/Residential Life Eviction Policy

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is governed by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors. A State Board Policy requires that all students reside in on-campus housing unless they meet the criteria for an allowable exemption. In addition, the University is charged with the responsibility of providing a healthy, safe, educational environment for the University community. This responsibility supersedes the enforcement of the mandatory housing policy. In order to promote and preserve the proper educational environment in the residence hall system, the University reserves the right to remove from the system those students who demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to function within the parameters of housing rules and regulations. The evicted student must vacate University housing facilities within 24 hours, and the student forfeits all refundable housing fees.

Violations of housing rules constitute a violation of at least Subsections 5.03:27 and 5.03:28 of the ULM Code of Student Conduct. Actions may be violations of other subsections of the “Standards of Conduct for Students” in addition to those subsections. The ULM Code of Student Conduct also provides for censures to include forfeiture of rights and privileges (Section Six, 6.01:10) and mandatory on-campus or off-campus housing (Section Six, 6.01:25).

All housing eviction cases will be assigned, administered and/or adjudicated through the Office of Student Services (Student Conduct) or the appropriate University Unit. A student removed from the residence halls for legal, judicial, or health reasons may re-apply for housing after a one year absence. Acceptance back into the residence halls will be at the discretion of the Office of Residential Life, Student Services (Student Conduct) and the Counseling Center (when applicable). Specific conditional requirements along with documentation may be required from law enforcement, university personnel, mental health professionals or other pertinent sources.

  1. The threat or commission of physical violence or conduct which compromises the health and safety of any person
  2. Behavior that is disruptive to the educational environment
  3. Violation of University Drug Policy
  4. Violation of Weapons on Campus Policy
  5. Harassment of any nature, including but not limited to social media, or internet services, stalking, dating/domestic violence, discrimination and/or behavior as defined in the ULM Sexual Misconduct Policy
  6. Damage to University property, private property, or theft
  7. Felony acts of such nature that the resident’s continued presence is potentially dangerous to the health, safety, and educational environment of the university community
  8. Insubordination to University personnel or their representatives acting in the line of duty
  9. Psychological or emotional difficulties
  10. Habitual roommate and/or suitemate difficulties
  11. Unregistered or unauthorized guest of more than one night or more than one occasion
  12. Unsanitary health conditions in residence halls, suites, and apartments
  13. Non-compliance with Residential Life policies
  14. Fourth offense housing violation
NOTE: Student cases which are subject to housing eviction will be considered in terms of all past housing violations documented in a student’s disciplinary file. “Fourth Offense” or “Combination of four” means four offenses which have occurred during a student’s entire tenure in University housing; this does not mean four offenses occurring within a semester.