Apr 21, 2024  
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2017-2018 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accident or Health Emergency

In the event of an accident or emergency illness, immediately notify the UNIVERSITY POLICE (Ext. 5350) University Police can normally determine if the individual needs to be evacuated from the area and by what means or if a visit to Student Health Services (Affinity Health Clinic at ULM) is necessary. Very often, a trip to the clinic will suffice.

If possible, the University Police should determine the need for an ambulance. If an ambulance is required, the request should be made by the University Police to assure speedy dispatch. The ambulance company will not normally respond to an individual’s call from the campus unless the individual is willing to give his name and be held responsible for the ambulance bill. In cases of extreme emergency, it may be necessary for an individual to call for ambulance services direct. Dial 9-1-911. This is a matter of judgment on the part of the individual concerned. Expenses incurred as a result of an accident or illness must be paid by the student. In the event of accident or emergency, call the following:

University Police, 5350
Ambulance, 1-911
(Fire Dept. will also respond)