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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Health Studies

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Dolecheck, Griswold

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies (BSHS)

Mission Statement

The vision of the Health Studies major is to provide an innovative model of undergraduate education at ULM. The major is committed to researching the evolving trends in the healthcare industry and the corresponding needs of Louisiana’s healthcare workforce. Our mission is to prepare graduates with a firm foundation in health science education that will support entry into mid-level managerial positions in the healthcare industry or to enter graduate education in a health-related field. Our purpose is to produce highly competent, ethical, professional health leaders who can effect change for the better in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to use the most effective teaching imaginable and establish a student-centered learning environment where undergraduates can expand their knowledge and skills.

General Information

Students who seek admission to ULM must meet general admission requirements for admission to the University. Applications to ULM are submitted to the University Admissions Office - Students entering the BSHS degree program with transfer credit must request a transcript review from the department to determine what coursework will be credited to the degree plan. A minimum of 31 hours of credit in the BSHS degree program must be successfully completed at ULM in order to receive the B.S. degree.

Students majoring in the Health Studies program must meet these requirements to progress toward degree completion.

  • A grade of “C” or better is required for all HLST courses, core ENGL, core Math, core Natural Sciences, AHSC 2000 , ENGL 3021 , ECON 2001 , FINA 3015 , MGMT 3001  and MGMT 3005 .
  • A minimum 2.75 cumulative grade-point average in all HLST courses is required for progression to HLST Practicum II in the student’s senior year.
  • A grade of “D” in HLST courses is non-progressive; the course must be repeated with a minimum grade of “C” before a student can progress to the next sequential course.

Students are expected to meet additional academic requirements and follow procedures to register for HLST 4003 - Practicum II . Students who seek to register for HLST 4003  in the spring semester, must submit their intent to register form in the fall semester by the designated due date to the Practicum Coordinator. Students who seek to register for HLST 4003  in the summer and fall semesters must submit the intent to register form in the spring semester by the designated due date. The intent to register form is located on the Department of Health Studies webpage with due dates listed. There is a course fee for HLST 4003  in addition to regular semester fees. Students must meet and recognize the following requirements to register for HLST 4003 .

  • Declared a major in BSHS.
  • Completion of 90 credits in the BSHS curriculum.
  • Completion of all 2000 and 3000 level HLST courses.
  • Good standing with the University.
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.0.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 with a “C” or better in all HLST courses.
  • Application and approval for progression to the HLST 4003 .

Students can select from a variety of classes at ULM that will serve as Health Studies electives. Potential Health Studies electives are listed on Flightpath for student convenience.

BSHS Degree Program

The Department of Health Studies offers a BSHS degree either through in-class attendance or online. The undergraduate program offers on-campus education with two options while the online offering is limited to the Healthcare Management/Marketing (HSMM) option only:

  • Health Studies Pre-Professional (HSPP) Option: This option is for those students who plan to seek admission to post-baccalaureate graduate programs such as occupational therapy (OT) or other health-related graduate schools. The Pre-Professional Health Studies option can be customized to include necessary requirements for admission to health professions graduate programs.
  • Health Studies Healthcare Management/Marketing (HSMM) Option: This option is for those students who desire a terminal undergraduate degree for mid-level managerial employment in healthcare. This option incorporates the same core Health Studies courses as the Pre-Professional Health Studies Option and includes additional management and marketing courses.
  • BSHS Online Healthcare Management/Marketing (DLHS) Option: Non-traditional students may earn a BSHS degree 100% online following the Healthcare Management/Marketing degree plan option. Students must meet specific admission requirements to be accepted into the BSHS online degree program. These requirements include:
    1. Meet general admission requirements for admission to ULM.
    2. Meet requirements for freshman level English and Math.
  • HSPP, HSMM and DLHS options have adequate elective credits to allow students to design a course of study in an area of their interest (e.g. a minor in Psychology, Gerontology, Finance, Business Administration, etc.). Hence, students can focus their degree in a specialized field of study, still keeping healthcare marketing/management or pre-professional health studies as the major concentration.
  • On-campus and online students should consult with their Health Studies (HS) academic advisors to assure that courses are taken in a logical sequence. The HS academic advisors will also guide students toward appropriate electives that will enhance their career options.

Health Studies Program Curriculum

Students in the BSHS Program complete specific courses in the Pre-Professional Health Studies or Healthcare Management/Marketing option according to a planned and structured program of study. Students fulfill both core degree requirements and major/professional curriculum requirements in a logical sequence. The sequence is intended to facilitate success in the overall degree requirements.

The core curriculum in the first two years is designed to provide students with a foundation in the humanities, mathematics, and sciences. During the second two years, the Pre-Professional Health Studies and Healthcare Management/Marketing options provide for a broad focus on business basics, healthcare delivery system, cultural diversity, ethics and leadership in healthcare.

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