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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Dental Hygiene

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Jarrell, Chaney, Richardson, Whorton, Williams

Bachelor of Science

The Dental Hygiene curriculum is composed of two segments, pre-dental hygiene and professional dental hygiene. Pre-dental hygiene is the segment comprising four academic semesters, or the equivalent, in an accredited college or university. It is concerned with instruction in general education and the basic physical and biological sciences to prepare the student for professional dental hygiene. The professional program in dental hygiene consists of four academic semesters, one summer session, or the equivalent, after admission to the professional program in dental hygiene. It is concerned with instruction in professional dental hygiene courses to prepare the student for the professional practice of dental hygiene.

Off campus clinical activities are required of each student. Students are financially responsible for these activities.

Mission Statement

The Department of Dental Hygiene, an educational section of the College of Health Sciences, derives its purposes and functions from the mission statement of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Our primary purpose is to provide quality education to all dental hygiene students, without discrimination, while recognizing and respecting the dignity of each individual. To fulfill this purpose, we are committed to providing this education by promoting scholarly activity in dental hygiene theory and practice. We are committed to contributing to the oral health needs of the community by providing high quality care in a cost efficient manner. We promote the educational growth and development of each individual through lifelong learning.

Admission to Pre-Dental Hygiene

Applicants for admission to the Pre-Dental Hygiene curriculum must meet the general admission requirements for admission to the University. Applications are to be submitted to the University Admissions Office.

Admission to the Dental Hygiene Curriculum (Traditional Students)

The Dental Hygiene curriculum offers clinical instruction in its educational program as required by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. Admissions are determined annually based upon the availability of clinical facilities. Questions regarding out-of-state residents should be directed to the Dental Hygiene Office.

Applicants for admission to the professional program in the Dental Hygiene curriculum, in addition to meeting the requirements for admission to the University, must meet the following requirements: 1) An earned 2.5 uncorrected grade point average, or above, in all previous course work at all higher institutions of attendance, 2) A minimum of 40 hours Pre-Dental Hygiene pre-requisites prior to application on March 1, 3) A minimum of 20 hours Pre-Dental Hygiene prerequisite science hours (includes Math and Nutrition) prior to application on March 1. 4) An official copy of The American College Test (ACT) and 5) submission of official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Grades earned in remedial and/or developmental courses will not be included in determining the grade point average. Additionally, international students must submit a satisfactory score on The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination. Due to the utilization of objective criteria in processing applications, attainment of minimum requirements in the Pre-Dental Hygiene Curriculum does not necessarily guarantee admission to the professional Dental Hygiene program. Students accepted into the professional Dental Hygiene Program are required to fulfill the immunization requirements of the ULM Student Health Services.

Completed application forms are to be submitted to the department head for Dental Hygiene by March 1 of the year the student seeks admission for the fall semester. Applications will be reviewed by the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee. The Dean of the College of Health Sciences will take final action on the Committee’s recommendation. Students who do not meet minimum requirements on the day of registration will not be permitted to register in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum. Course work required for the professional program will be based on the catalog in effect at the time of admission to the professional program.

Online Degree Program

The online degree completion program builds upon the knowledge obtained at the associate degree level with additional courses in liberal arts, science, psychology, education and upper division courses in Dental Hygiene. The program is designed to prepare students to meet the challenge of the changing health care delivery system, to develop expertise in clinical and classroom education, and to establish a foundation for graduate study.

Admission to the Online Degree Completion Program

This online degree program is designed for hygienists who have completed an associate degree program and desire to continue their education toward a baccalaureate degree. Dental hygienists who have an active license in at least one state and are licensed by the National Board of Dental Examiners will be awarded 42 semester credit hours. Basic requirements and credentials for admission are:

  1. Graduation from an accredited dental hygiene program with a minimum of a 2.5 average;
  2. Successful completion of the Dental Hygiene National Board Examination, and licensure in at least one state;
  3. Complete college transcripts;
  4. Application for admission to the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Following acceptance, an individual curriculum will be developed for each student depending upon:

  1. the college courses completed previously
  2. the time lapse since the associate degree was awarded, and
  3. current clinical experience.

Pre-Requisite and Core Courses - (Total Hours - 57)

Professional Course Requirements - (Total Hours -21)

42 credit hours will be granted with a current NBDE license and current license in at least one state upon completion of all prerequisites.

Total for degree, 120 hours

Retention in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum

Failure of a student to maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 at the end of each semester in all professional dental hygiene courses will result in dismissal from the professional Dental Hygiene curriculum.

Readmission to the Dental Hygiene Curriculum

Students who are suspended or who have resigned from the professional Dental Hygiene curriculum must apply through the Dental Hygiene Admissions and Academic Standards Committee for readmission. This committee will determine the individual coursework to be taken by the readmitted student.

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