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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition, Fees, Costs, and Expenses


All students pay a general tuition based on total student credit hours of enrollment. Undergraduate students enrolled in more than six credit hours and graduate students enrolled in more than three credit hours that are classified as non-Louisiana residents, will pay out-of-state tuition in addition to general tuition under the regulations of the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors. Courses enrolled for audit will be charged tuition the same as courses for academic credit.

Non-resident graduate students who earned their undergraduate degrees at ULM, or whose parents are alumni of the university, are not subject to out-of-state tuition rates. Students pursuing a degree online are also charged the resident tuition rate with separate fees assessed for online courses.

Tuition amounts are subject to change. For current term tuition and fee amounts, reference the Controller’s Office or Student Account Services by calling (318) 342-5122 or www.ulm.edu/controller/sas/.


Board Assessed Fees: In addition to a general tuition based on total student credit hours of enrollment, a student will pay a building use fee, academic enhancement fee, and an operational fee.

University Assessed Fees: Based on the number of hours enrolled, this charge includes the Activity Center fee, building fee, registration service fee, academic excellence fee, institutional assessment fee, Alumni Association, band travel, concert fee, Student Health Center, intramurals, University Library, student short-term loan fund, natatorium maintenance, Intramural Park Maintenance fee, Medical Service fee, Recreational Facilities fee, Student Union Operations fee, theater productions and energy surcharge.

Student Assessed Fees: Students enrolled are charged fees in support of the Speech and Debate Team, KXUL, Natatorium, Student Government Association, Student Involvement Scholarship, Student Publications, Student Support fee, Student Union, Union Board, Union Board Concerts,  Campus Activities Board, Water Ski Team, ULM Flight Team, Athletic Facilities fee, Student Success fee, 31 Ambassadors fee, ULM Spirit Units, and ULM Theatre Productions.

Technology Fee: The Student Technology Fee shall be $5 per credit hour for up to 12 credit hours per semester. This fee is dedicated to the acquisition, installation, maintenance, and intelligent use of state-of-the-art technology solely for the purpose of supporting and enhancing student life and learning.

ID Fee: All students are required to obtain a permanent ULM Identification Card. A validation fee of $15 each regular semester and a $7.50 fee for each summer term will be charged. Students who resign from the university are expected to keep their ID cards for use upon returning. A $15 fee will be assessed for a replacement card.


The University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors may adjust tuition fees, costs for dining plans, and/or housing at any time without providing notice to students. Costs entering the 2012-13 academic year are included for both regular semesters and the summer sessions in the tables below.

2012 Fall and 2013 Spring Semesters: Graduate Student Tuition and Fees
Tuition & Required Fees Tuition & Required Fees Nonresident Fee Total
12 hours *$2,774.45 $2,774.45 $4,415.00 $7,189.45
11 hours $2,747.45 $2,747.45 $4,415.00 $7,162.45
10 hours $2,720.45 $2,720.45 $4,415.00 $7,135.45
9 hours $2,693.45 $2,693.45 $4,415.00 $7,108.45
8 hours $2,452.45 $2,452.45 $3,924.00 $6,376.45
7 hours $2,231.45 $2,231.45 $3,433.00 $5,664.45
6 hours $2,010.45 $2,010.45 $2,943.00 $4,953.45
5 hours $1,788.45 $1,788.45 $2,452.00 $4,240.45
4 hours $1,566.45 $1,566.45 $1,961.00 $3,527.45
3 hours $1,001.00 $1,001.00 - $1,001.00
2 hours $730.00 $730.00 - $730.00
1 hours $509.00 $509.00 - $509.00

 Add $5 per credit hour up to $60 total if taking more than nine semester hours.
*Reflects cost for students taking 12 or more hours.
NOTE: The fees above do not include the parking decal fee of $50 or program-specific assessed fees.
The fees for tuition above are subject to change by action of the state legislation and approval from the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors.

2012 Summer I and II Sessions: Graduate Student Tuition and Fees
  Residents   Nonresidents
Tuition & Required Fees Tuition & Required Fees Nonresident Fee Total
9 hours $1,931.41 $1,931.41 $3,648.45 $5,579.86
8 hours $1,746.86 $1,746.86 $3,243.06 $4,989.92
7 hours $1,563.71 $1,563.71 $2,837.68 $4,401.39
6 hours $1,380.56 $1,380.56 $2,432.29 $3,812.85
5 hours $1,197.41 $1,197.41 $2,026.91 $3,224.32
4 hours $1,014.81 $1,014.81 $1,621.53 $2,636.34
3 hours *$742.64 $742.64 - $742.64
2 hours $502.69 $502.69 - $502.69
1 hours $319.54 $319.54 - $319.54

*Full-time graduate assistants will be granted a tuition waiver.
NOTE: The fees above do not include the parking decal fee of $50 or program-specific assessed fees.
The fees for tuition above are subject to change by action of the state legislation and approval from the University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors.

Other Registration Costs

Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $20 for domestic students and $30 for international students shall be assessed to each person making application for admission or readmission to the University of Louisiana at Monroe. A subsequent application fee will be required when a student’s enrollment is interrupted for any reason requiring a new application to the university. Application will not be processed until fee payment is made.

Additional Course Fees: In certain courses, special services, supplies, or equipment may be used. Costs for these are not normally covered by fees, tuition, or departmental operating budgets and, therefore, the cost is incurred by the student. These additional charges are listed in each semester’s class schedule.

International Student Services Fee: All international students will be charged a fee of $50 per regular semester and $15 per summer term.

Vehicle Registration Fee: Each student who uses a motor vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with the University Police Department at the time of enrollment. Students will pay $50 for each regular semester and $15 for each summer term.

Late Registration Fee: Any student registering for one or more hours after the close of the regular registration period will be charged an additional registration fee of $100.

Military Science Activity Fee: Textbooks, equipment, and military uniforms are furnished without deposit. However, each cadet is assessed a $10 non-refundable activity fee to support cadet activities.

Class Fees: Refer to the applicable semester Schedule of Classes for various class fee charges.

Other Expenses

Textbooks: All textbooks used at the university are available at the ULM Bookstore located in Sandel Hall on campus. Visit the bookstore Web site (www.ulmbookstore.com) to buy, rent or reserve your books online. A good selection of other merchandise, including apparel and gifts, is also available through the web site or at the on-campus location.

Field Trip Fees: Certain courses require trips away from the campus. Specific fees for these courses will be announced at the beginning of the semester or summer session.

Binding Fee: Graduate students will pay the necessary fees to cover the costs of binding the field study, thesis, or dissertation at $12.50 per volume and $65 for microfilming the dissertation.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe Credit Examination: Students who take a credit examination pay a fee of $10 per semester hour.

Traffic Tickets: Fines for violations of ULM traffic and parking  regulations are to be paid at La Capitol Federal Credit Union, located on Northeast Drive in University Commons II. For each citation not paid within 10 calendar days after receiving the ticket (including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), a $5 administrative fee will be charged. Fines for violations are listed in the current ULM Vehicle/Traffic Regulations pamphlet. Copies of these regulations are available at the University Police Department. Unpaid traffic tickets will prohibit a student’s enrollment in a future semester.

Financing Options

In addition to graduate assistantships and work studies, other financing options for students in ULM’s graduate programs exist in the form of institutional and departmental scholarships and financial aid. Information on these options for students are available through the Office of Financial Aid (finaid.ulm.edu) and Scholarship Resources Center (ulm.edu/scholarships).

Please note, students who are accepted into the Graduate School under provisional status, or as a non-degree seeking student, are not eligible for financial aid. Students must be enrolled regularly or conditionally to enjoy these benefits.

On-Campus Housing

For graduate students interested in on-campus housing, room contracts are available and executed on a semester basis. For more information, or to reserve a room, contact the ULM Office of Residential Life (ulm.edu/reslife) at 318-342-5240. Charges for housing are:

Room Semester

Double Occupancy $1,075 - $1,250
Private Room $1,832 - $2,095
Bayou Suites: $1,841 - $2,349
Apartments: $2,652 - $3,930

Student Debt Information

Students indebted to the university will not be allowed to reenter or receive an official transcript of scholastic work. Beginning with the Summer I, 2009 session, a Late Payment Fee will be assessed to students who do not pay their fee bill by the fee deadline. Students will not be assessed if they have a zero balance, a zero balance that includes financial aid, or if the student has signed up for a payment plan. The Controller’s Office will notify the student of the delinquency by mail. The student is responsible for informing the Registrar of any change of address from that given at registration.

Service and delinquent payment charges will be levied as follows:

Returned check service (per check) $15
Short-term loan processing fee $20
Late payment fee $50

Delinquent student debts are subject to being assigned to the ULM Collections Department. However, if it becomes necessary to refer debts to an outside collection agency an additional collection fee will be added and collected with the original debt. Federal student loans which are delinquent beyond 180 days will be assigned to the Louisiana Department of Justice for collection and will carry the collection fee as specified in the promissory note or $100, whichever is larger. As of Jun 8, 2009, ULM will be using a third party (Touch Net PayPath) to process our credit payments for tuition, fees, and room and board. A fee will be charged to pay by credit card (MasterCard, Discover, and American Express only). If you do not want to pay the fee you may choose the free option - pay by online check.

Drop Policy: Non-Payment

All current and prior account balances must be paid in full by the fee deadline each semester or the student’s classes will be dropped. The student’s housing assignment will be cancelled if applicable. “Paid in full” means the student’s account balance is zero or the memo and/or authorized aid is equal to or greater than the student’s charges.

Refund Policy

A student who resigns from the university under the conditions listed below may receive a partial reduction of regular tuition, out-of-state tuition, and student activity fees. The student must officially resign through the Office of the Registrar no later than the 14th day of classes in a regular semester or the second day of classes in a summer session to be eligible for a reduction of fees. Refunds will be computed as follows:

Fall and Spring
A 100 percent refund will be made when a student completes resignation prior to the first day of classes as listed in the University Calendar.

A 90 percent refund will be made when a student completes resignation during the period of the first through the eighth day of classes in a regular semester or the first through the fourth day of classes in a summer session.

A 50 percent refund will be made when a student completes resignation during the period of the ninth through the 14th day of classes in a regular semester or the fifth through the seventh day of classes in a summer session.

A student who drops from classes during any part of the Summer term will be given a 100 percent refund through the second day of class only. No further refunds for resignations are applicable.

Students resigning with disciplinary action pending or those suspended for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for refunds.

NOTE: Refunds will be applied to any existing indebtedness to the university prior to disbursement to a student.

Tuition and Fee Appeal Procedure

If a student needs to appeal tuition and fees for any given semester they must write a letter to the attention of the Tuition and Appeals Committee. This letter should include the reason for consideration (illness, medical emergency, etc.) and include any and all documentation that will help to better understand the student’s situation (medical documentation, etc.). Each appeal also must include a valid e-mail address and contact phone number.

The letter and supporting documents must be presented to Career Connections & Experiential Education in the ULM Library, Room 302. The letter can be faxed to (318) 342-3502. It can also be mailed to:

The University of Louisiana at Monroe
ATTN: Roslynn Pogue
700 University Ave.
Monroe, LA 71209

The committee is comprised of one representative from each of the following areas: faculty, financial aid, registrar, student account services, and student affairs.

Roslynn Pogue - Chair
Career Connections - ULM Library, Room 302


Phone: (318) 342-5327

Students will be informed of the decision on the appeal by an e-mail sent to the address indicated on the appeal.

Warhawk Express

Warhawk Express is a voluntary debit card system using the ULM ID to provide a fast, safe, and convenient way to make purchases all over campus. It is safe than cash and more convenient than checks or credit cards. Using the ULM photo ID reduces the risk of theft.

Warhawk Express accounts may be closed at any time by spending the balance down to zero. Otherwise, accounts roll over from semester to semester until the student graduates or resigns. Cash withdrawals cannot be made from the accounts.

After funds are deposited into the Warhawk Express account, the funds can be used at numerous locations on campus, including the ULM Bookstore, concession stands, athletic events, convenience store, cafeterias, coffee shop, union board events, ULM Library, washers/dryers, and vending machines. When purchases are made, the remaining balance will be electronically displayed so students will always know how much money remains in their account.