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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog


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This is a convenient temporary option for:

  1. Entering students who have not declared majors, but who plan later to change to degree-granting curricula. During their crucial early semesters, these students should select from the CORE curriculum.
  2. Students who do not presently meet the requirements for admission to the professional program of their choice.
  3. High school students who participate in the Collegiate Program or the Concurrent Admissions Program for high school students and have not declared a major.
  4. Students who do not wish to pursue a degree, but who wish to take more than six hours a semester.

NOTE: Students enrolled in the Undeclared/Interim Option are urged to decide upon and/or qualify for a degree-granting program at the earliest opportunity. Students receiving veterans’ benefits are subject to additional regulations. (See section on Veterans Affairs under University Regulations  or visit www.ulm.edu/veterans/.) Students involved in intercollegiate athletics are subject to additional restrictions and are advised to consult with their counselors regarding these rules.

Administration of the Undeclared/Interim Option

The Undeclared/Interim Option is administered by the Dean of the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences.

All transfer students and all students who interrupt their college work for one calendar year or more or who change their curriculum must meet the above requirements for formal admission to degree status. Students must be admitted at least one semester (or summer term) prior to the semester in which they intend to receive their degree.

While temporarily enrolled in this special non-degree classification until they select and/or qualify for admission to a major students will be assigned to a special advisor.

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