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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Basic Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Sciences

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Baer, Banks, Barabutis, Briski, Chamcheu, El Sayed, Herrock, R. Hill, Jackson, Jois, Liu, Matthaiolampakis, Meyer, Shah, Sylvester

Professional students may be eligible to receive the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science (BSPS) degree. The degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete the first year of the professional portion of in the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) program. The purpose of awarding this degree is to recognize the achievement of these students when they have earned credit hours in an amount comparable to that of students receiving other baccalaureate degrees and to give appropriate recognition for their academic accomplishment to that point in the educational process. This will replace the currently awarded degree in Bachelors in General Studies for students without Bachelor’s degrees completing their first year of the professional portion of the Doctor of Pharmacv program.

The undergraduate Toxicology program consists of a four-year curriculum which includes a solid foundation in basic sciences, a broad background in the science of Toxicology with several highly specialized courses, and sufficient courses in other areas to provide the student with a well-rounded education. The concept of a broad background with certain specialized courses is intended to allow the graduate to fit into any of several aspects of toxicology, including industrial hazard control, environmental pollution control, product safety assessment, forensic toxicology, food safety toxicology and toxicology research. Students majoring in Toxicology will choose a concentration in General Toxicology.

The Toxicology major can also be used to fulfill the Pharmacy admission requirements for the ULM Pharmacy School. Students pursuing admission to Pharmacy School will choose the General Toxicology Concentration and use the electives in the Pharmacy topic area. Doing so will allow students to complete the Pharmacy admission requirements and Toxicology, B.S. (261004)  degree requirements simultaneously.

If a student at any time should decide against pursuing admission to Pharmacy School or fails to be admitted, the student may choose to continue to pursue a Toxicology undergraduate degree or choose to pursue a degree other than Toxicology.

Admission to the Program in Toxicology

Applicants for admission to the undergraduate program in Toxicology must meet the general admission requirements for admission to the University. Applications are to be submitted to the University Admissions Office.

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