May 29, 2023  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Humanities

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Barth, B. Cox, Kauffman, Loeb, Mapp, Pace, Thameling, Wilson

This curriculum provides students with flexibility plus knowledge and skills to pursue careers in communication advocacy, digital media production, journalism and public relations.

Majors in Communication are required to complete core courses and one of the four concentrations named above. Students are advised to include additional COMM courses among their general electives. Majors may, but are not required to complete a minor.

Students must earn a “C” or better in all courses in the major. If “D” or “F” is earned in a course that is a prerequisite, the course must be repeated until a “C” or better is earned before attempting the course for which it is a prerequisite.

A departmental writing skills exam is administered several times throughout the semester as part of COMM 2010 . All students must pass the exam with a score of 60 or better in order to pass the course and advance in the Communication major.


Adams, Clifton, Cole, Giles, Gregory, Griggs, Grinnell, Guernsey-Pitchford, Haedicke, Harris, Heflin, McKinnie, Rambin, Rhorer, Rivera, Roberson, Ryan, Thompson, Youngman


General Studies, which is administered by the dean of the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences, includes a two-year program of study leading to an associate degree and a four-year program of study leading to a bachelor degree. Coursework is available in a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, allowing programs to be developed according to individual needs and interests.

Students interested in General Studies include persons who wish to:

  1. Pursue a non-traditional degree program for personal enrichment and satisfaction.
  2. Help design their own course of study.
  3. Change college majors late in their academic careers.
  4. Return to college as mature students with new career interests.
  5. Attend college irregularly or at night or online.

General Studies Degree Requirements

Upon completion of the appropriate requirements and upon the recommendation of the dean of the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences, a student will be awarded the Associate of General Studies or the Bachelor of General Studies degree.


Anderson, Blackburn, Bontty, Brown, Carpenter


Military Science Minor  

The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)  


Smith, Adams, Butler, Holloway, B. Michaelides, C. Michaelides, Wortham



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