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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Health Service


Student Health Services Policy

Affinity Health Clinic at ULM

To better serve your medical needs, ULM has partnered with Affinity Health Group who will be responsible for operating our Health Clinic at ULM.

All services previously offered will be enhanced by lab and pharmacy services Monday through Friday from 8-5 at the same location (1140 University Avenue). Call (318) 342 1651 to make an appointment but walk-ins are welcome. There is no co-payment for faculty and staff who are insured by Vantage.

These are some of the many benefits offered through the new clinic administration. For full information about the Affinity Health Clinic at ULM, visit www.ulmhealthclinic.com/

The Affinity Health Clinic at ULM is located in the Student Health and Counseling Center at the corner of University and LaSalle Streets and is staffed by Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioners. Clerical personnel are available to handle your billing and referral needs. An immunization specialist is also available to answer your immunization compliance questions.

General Information

Student I.D. cards are required for service.

Current Services

Affinity Health Group at ULM provides many types of services and treatments for students such as:

  • Screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • HIV Testing
  • Immunizations
  • Allergy injections
  • Prescriptions
  • Women’s health
  • Mental health
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Family health sickness or wellness visits
  • Complete laboratory services
  • Physical exams

Hours of Operation

The Affinity Health Clinic at ULM is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  During non-operational hours, students can seek medical treatment at Affinity Walk-in clinic on Broadmoor Blvd.

Student Fees

Students registered for classes at ULM will have the office visit fee waived. Other expenses incurred during the visit will be billed to individual insurance company. If student does not have insurance, fees for services are due at the time of the visit.


Immunization Policy

In an effort to protect the students, faculty, and staff of all Louisiana schools, the Louisiana Legislature in regular session, 1990 passed ACT No. 1047 which amended and re-enacted R.S.17:170, relative to immunization of persons attending schools.

Louisiana law now requires immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus-diphtheria and meningitis for all first-time ULM students born after 1956. In 2021, the COVID-19 vaccine was added to the required list for incoming students. First-time students will not be permitted to register until they complete and return a Proof of Immunization and Compliance Form.

The following guidance is presented for the purpose of implementing the requirements of Louisiana R.S. 17:170 and of meeting the established recommendation for control of vaccine-preventable diseases as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to the United States Public Health Service, and the American College Health Association.

REQUIREMENT: Two (2) doses of measles vaccine; at least one (1) dose each of rubella and mumps vaccine; a tetanus-diphtheria booster within the last 10 years and one (1) dose of meningococccal vaccine after the age of 16. COVID-19 Requirement: One (1) Johnson-Johnson or two (2) Pfizer/Moderna/Astra Zeneca vaccines. Measles Requirement: Two (2) doses of live vaccine given at any age, except that the vaccine must have been given on or after the first birthday, in 1968 or later, and without immune globulin. A second dose of measles vaccine must meet this same requirement, but should not have been given within 30 days of the first dose. A history of physician diagnosed measles is acceptable for establishing immunity.

Tetanus-Diphtheria Requirement: A booster dose of vaccine given within the past ten (10) years.

Louisiana R.S. 17:170 provides that no person seeking to enter any school shall be required to comply with these provisions if the student or his parent or guardian submits either a written statement from a physician stating the procedure is contraindicated for medical reasons, or a written dissent from the student or his parent or guardian is presented. (Waiver)

In the event of an outbreak of a communicable disease at the location of an educational institution or facility, the administrators of that institution or facility are empowered, upon the recommendation of the Office of Public Health, to exclude from attendance unimmunized students and clients until the outbreak is declared over by the public health officials. For more information contact the Admissions and Scholarships (318) 342-5430.

Student Injury and Sickness Insurance

Enrolled domestic students have available to them a plan of group student injury and sickness insurance. This plan is MANDATORY FOR ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS enrolled at the University. In the fall semester, applications and policy information are mailed directly to the student from the insurance company following the close of registration. In the spring and summer semesters, enrolled students may obtain the application and policy information from the International Student Office at (318) 342-5225. This International Student Office is located at Sandel Hall, Room 200. ALL QUESTIONS CONCERNING THE INSURANCE COVERAGE MUST BE ANSWERED BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY BY TELEPHONING THEIR TOLL FREE NUMBER. At the time of registration, the University will automatically assess international students’ insurance premium each semester unless they can provide proof of adequate government-sponsored coverage or personal insurance coverage including medical evacuation (benefits to be paid for the evacuation of the insured person to the home country) and repatriation (benefits to be paid for preparing and transporting the remains of the deceased’s body to the home country). An embassy letter or personal insurance policy must be submitted to the International Student Office for review if an international student requests exemption of the cost and subsequent enrollment in this mandatory insurance plan. Request for exemption must include supporting documentation and must be made prior to registration for the semester of enrollment.

Self-Development, Counseling & Special Accommodations Center

The challenges of college life require a variety of personal strengths and problem solving skills. The Self-Development, Counseling & Special Accommodations Center’s professionally trained counselors are available to help students enhance their strengths and develop their abilities to effectively manage their experiences of living, learning, and growing at ULM.

The Self-Development, Counseling & Special Accommodations Center offers many free and confidential services to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. These services include individual, couples, and group counseling, consultation, and assistance with referrals. Counselors assist students in meeting their increased academic, personal, and social demands. Substance abuse prevention, education, intervention, counseling, and referral services are available. The Self-Development, Counseling & Special Accommodations Center also provides direct crisis intervention services for ULM students. These services may include ongoing counseling, referral to University or community resources, or consultation for faculty and staff facing a crisis situation.

In addition, counselors design and implement outreach workshops and programs to student classes, groups, organizations, and residence halls. These presentations, which are available upon request, educate students on a wide range of issues related to personal growth, mental health, and enhanced academic performance.

The Self-Development, Counseling & Special Accommodations Center is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Students may schedule an appointment by calling 342-5220. Emergency care on week nights and weekends may be obtained by contacting the University Police Department at (318) 342-5350. UPD contacts a counselor who will then respond immediately to the student in crisis.

Services for Students with Special Accommodations

The University of Louisiana at Monroe strives to serve students with special needs through compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. A student with a physical disability or learning disability must 1) submit a Request for Special Needs Accomodations Form, 2) submit disability documentation that substantiates the requested accomodations, and 3) participate in an intake interview with a Counseling Center staff person.  While request for disability services may be made at any time, it is strongly recommended that students submit the necessary documents to the Counseling Center as early as possible.  Doing so will facilitate the timely provision of approved accommodations. Students may contact the Counseling Center at (318) 342-5220 for an appointment. The Center offers a number of opportunities to students with special needs, and works with the student to eliminate or lessen obstacles to their education. Services of the Center include the provision of support to students with permanent or temporary disabilities, individual counseling, and assistance with academic accommodations.  For additional information, refer to the Special Needs section the the Counseling Center website (http://www.ulm.edu/counselingcenter/special.html).

Housing accommodations, as well as designated parking for these students, are facilitated by other departments on campus.

Mobility Impaired Parking Procedure

An Application for Mobility Impaired Parking Permit and a memo, which are to be presented to the attending physician, can be obtained from the University Police Department or they can be downloaded at https://webservices.ulm.edu/forms/get-form/829. Students must have their physician read carefully the memo and complete and sign the application which verifies their disability. Students must present the completed form to the University Police Department for approval. The University Police Department will provide students with a decal which designates the length of time they are eligible to receive mobility impaired parking. Students with temporary injuries who apply for mobility impaired parking will be assigned parking privileges for the anticipated length of recovery. Re-application for the permit is necessary if the condition persists beyond 90 days. For any impairment that is considered permanent by your physician, recertification must be done each Fall for the academic year.