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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Auxiliary Enterprises

A variety of meal plans are available to both residential and commuter students.  Dining options and pricing information can be viewed online at ULM Meal Plan.  For additional information, contact Aramark Food Services at 318-342-1979.  *Meal plan prices are subject to change no more than 5% in any Fall term.

Room and meal plan reservations are contracted separately through the Housing Office and the Warhawk ID Services Office, respectively. All students living on campus and taking classes (WEB classes included) are required to contract for an on-campus meal plan. All meal plan changes must be made before the fifth (5th) class day. Unless a specific meal plan is indicated, residents will automatically be enrolled in the All Access Plan. Village Apartment residents will automatically be enrolled in the Village Apt Plan unless a standard meal plan is chosen.  Residents are not eligible for either Commuter Plan. Students living on- or off-campus, with less than 30 hours may choose from the freshmen meal plans. Three Commuter Plans are offered for students living off-campus; however, students living off-campus may choose from any meal plan of their choice, if eligible. Students living on campus during rotations, participating in internships, or moving into the residence halls at any point after the semester begins are required to pay for meals on a pro-rata basis according to days in residence. Students with apartment lease contracts for the academic year plus summer and participating in internships or clinical rotations will need prior approval for meal exemptions from the Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises by May 20.

All meal plans include “Flex-Dollars” that are the equivalent of cash and may be redeemed at any of Aramark’s dining facilities. FLEX that is associated to meal plans (Includes: All Access Plan, Platinum Plan, Maroon Plan, Village Plan, Commuter Plan 1, and Commuter Plan 2) ) will rollover from fall to spring and expire at the end of the spring semester. FLEX added to accounts without a meal plan, will not rollover. Only FLEX associated with the above meal plans will rollover. Fall-term Flex-Dollars will be forfeited if a new meal plan is not purchased for the subsequent spring term. Additional Flex-Dollars may be purchased at any time throughout the semester. Please contact the Aramark Office (ph: (318) 342-1979) for details.

Standard (block) meals are served at Schulze cafeteria. Dining services are not open during University closures and observed holidays. Please refer to the University calendar for scheduled closure dates and holidays.

Contact the Warhawk ID Services (WIDS) (ph: 318-342-5003) to sign up for your plan or for any additional meal plan information.