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2016-2017 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2016-2017 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Government Association

…”Students Serving Students”

What is the SGA?

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing voice who is responsible for meeting the needs of the ULM students. 

The SGA acts as a liaison between the students and the administration. Through the various departments and task forces, we directly handle any issues that may arise in the area of student life, campus programs, and university procedures.

The SGA is funded through the student activity fee by the allocation of $8.00 each fall, spring, and summer sessions. SGA members are strongly committed to promoting and supporting the students of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Because the SGA is dedicated to serving the students, we invite you to bring any problems, ideas, or questions that you may have to us. We are located in the Student Center 150. Call us at (318) 342-3485, or (318) 342-3486.

How is the SGA organized?

The SGA is divided into two branches: executive and legislative. The executive branch, which is composed of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, is elected by the student body at the end of the spring semester. To qualify for an executive office, you must have served on the Senate for one to two semesters and have completed 45-60 credit hours. You must also have a cumulative 2.5 grade point average.

The legislative branch (Senate) is composed of Representatives from each college according to the number of fee-paying students as calculated below:

  1. 0-300 1 senator
  2. 301-600 2 senators
  3. 601-900 3 senators
  4. 901-1200 4 senators
  5. 1201-1500 5 senators
  6. When and if enrollment exceeds 1500 per college, representation will be calculated according to fall semester enrollment numbers.
  7. Two graduate students shall be elected at large from the fee-paying student body.

Three freshmen who fit all membership qualifications are elected from each college during the Fall semester.

To become a senator, you must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of elections and maintain 2.25 GPA during the term of office. You must pass a test on the SGA constitution by-laws, Robert’s Rules of Order, and not be on scholastic or disciplinary probation.

Applications for Senate positions are available online and in the SGA office Student Center 151 at the beginning of Fall semester for Freshmen and in March or April for upperclassmen, depending on the academic schedule. Mass emails and advertisements will be placed once the applications are available.

The voting members of the SGA, the Senate, work through four departments: Student Life and Academic Enhancement, Campus Projects and Beautification, Research and Student Conduct, and Promotions. The SGA is run by the students and is advised by the Director of Student Life and Leadership.

What are the duties of a ULM Senator?

As a Senator, you must work one office hour each week, attend weekly SGA meetings, and attend weekly department meetings. You are also expected to work at any SGA-sponsored functions, join committees, and volunteer as needed to help improve campus.

Why become a senator?

Being an SGA Senator offers you the opportunity to meet other students who are as proud and enthusiastic about ULM as you are. You will be making a positive contribution to student life, as well as gaining valuable leadership experience. Being a Senator is a total learning experience, giving you the chance to develop your communication skills, learn the art of compromise, and develop organizational expertise. One of the greatest benefits is the interaction with the University administration. Students can make a difference in the decisions that are made about student life for those students they represent. Senators are the voice of the students!

Services and Activities

  • Voice of the Students to the Administration
  • Elections for SGA, CAB, Homecoming Court
  • Free Scantrons
  • Spring Fever Activities
  • Tuition Waivers for Officers
  • Mardi Gras Ball, King, Queen, and Court
  • Lunch with the President, ULM Administration and Cabinet
  • The Lyceum Series
  • Annual Halloween Ball
  • Student Forums
  • Represent students’ views by serving on essential University Committees (STAP), Parking, Food Service, Judicial, Student Involvement and Scholarships
  • Student Referendums
  • Campus Safety
  • Student, State and National Governmental Forums
  • Reclaim the Campus
  • Campus Clean-Up
  • Holidays at ULM
  • SGA Student Bus Trips