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2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


News concerning student achievements and organizational activities is disseminated to off-campus media through the Office of Public Information. Each student organization should work through its advisor in furnishing Office of Public Information with names, hometowns, classifications, and majors of initiates and officers.

All publicity concerning organization events as it pertains to the community should be disseminated through Office of Public Information. Please provide the information at least ten days prior to the event. The information needed should contain the name of the event, date, time, place, cost, contact name, and phone number.  The Office of Public Information will send out the information on official ULM letterhead to the appropriate media.

The Office of Public Information is located on the second floor fo the Library in room 211. The phone number is 342-5440 and the fax number is 342-5446.

  1. KXUL—Stereo Radio Voice of ULM—operates an average of 18 hours each day throughout the year on 91.1. Licensed as a Non-commercial Educational station by the F.C.C., the station provides entertainment and information for its audience and broadcast experience for its staff. The programming ranges from alternative contemporary music, to news, ULM sports, local artists, special events on campus, concert music, and other areas of general student interest. KXUL is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Association of College Broadcasters, and the Associated Press. Studios and offices are located in Stubbs Hall.
  2. KEDM—90.3 FM is located at 225 Stubbs Hall and has a format that includes classical music, news, jazz, and the blues. KEDM is a non-profit facility with opportunities offering training in a professional work environment and career opportunities for graduate students, student workers, and volunteers. KEDM serves communities within a sixtymile radius of Monroe and southern Arkansas.
  3. Fant-Ewing Display Board—The Fant-Ewing Display Board is a great way for ULM to get the message out about upcoming events and a wonderful way to keep everyone informed. The information on the board is created and posted by staff members in the Office of Public Information. Information for the board will be taken primarily from the ULM web calendar so please be sure your university related events are there. Also, be sure you have as much information as possible posted to the calendar in order for everyone to get a good idea of what your event is about, how much it costs, what time it starts, where it is, etc. The space for creating messages on the board is limited, so please keep that in mind when viewing it. Also, we hope to keep information updated on a weekly basis and we will post as space allows. We will post sporting events, student driven events, and important dates for University openings and closings. Please let us know if you have any comments at
    Location: The Office of Public Information is located on the second floor of the Library in room 211. The phone nubmer is 342-5440 and the fax number is 342-5446.                        
  4. Hawkeye — The on-campus student newspaper, the Hawkeye, is published each Friday except during vacation periods, holidays, and examination weeks. News to be printed in the Hawkeye should be delivered or phoned to the Hawkeye Office by noon Tuesday preceding publication on Friday.
  5. AxisTV— The on-campus information system, AxisTV, is here to help you get the word out about your group, event, award, or anything ULM related. The system is composed of several 51” plasma flat panel monitors placed in various university buildings. The system runs messages which can contain plain text and picture backgrounds plus audio and video. Each monitor may show messages specifically for the building it is housed in, as well as, showing messages which pertain to all ULM students, faculty, and staff.

ULM’s office of Public Information oversees the system while staff members across campus help post the information.

Publicity Policy

The Office of Public Information shall serve as the clearinghouse for all messages to be placed on the AxisTV system. Members of Office of Public Information will view all messages for content prior to them being subject to public viewing. Most everyone who posts content to AxisTV will have the ability to post to all screens on campus. It is the responsibility of the poster to determine which screen locations are appropriate for each message.

Collection Mechanism/Where To Send Content For Consideration

Please get your information to the appropriate person in the Office of Public Information at (318) 342-5440 for help with getting your event or activity on the system.

Campus-wide Messaging Board Policy

The Office of Student Life and Leadership shall serve as the clearinghouse for all messages to be placed on the Campus-wide Message Board.  Members of the Student Life and Leadership will biew the messages for content prior to them being subject to public viewing and reserve the right to edit the content for grammar, punctuation, language and organizational purposes.  Students, faculty, and staff may post to this message board.  It is the responsibility of the poster to determine if certain types of students are to be targeted.

Appropriate Types Of Messages 

  • Messages directly involving ULM students, faculty and staff
  • Messages that highlight activities occurring on campus
  • Student-led activities, such as CAB, SGA, and fraternity or sorority functions
  • Critical deadlines for academci calendar
  • Important departmental information
  • Announcements regarding student achievements, such as conference presentations or competitions won  

Inappropriate Types Of Messages 

  • Personal messages
  • Non-ULM activities
  • Items for sale/Items lost or found
  • Solicitation

For questions about this policy, please contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership and (318) 342-5287 or