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2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Advisors

Student Life believes that student organization advisors are integral to the success of the organization and the development of its student leaders. An advisor provides continuity and serves as a signatory on official University forms. An advisor can also assist in designing and evaluating club goals and activities. Advisors may have greater familiarity with the University and its extensive community of services. The knowledge, leadership, and guidance that an advisor can provide an organization is priceless.

In order to serve as a University advisor, employees must sign an Advisor Agreement at the onset of their duties, which states the required and suggested roles of an advisor. An Advisor Agreement does not need to be submitted annually if no changes have been made in the advisor or their contact information. A change of advisor or changes in the advisor’s contact information requires the submission of an updated Advisor Agreement signed by the individual. If an advisor resigns, it is the organization’s responsibility to inform Student Life of this change and find a new advisor for the organization. Student Life recognizes that there may be a reasonable gap between the resignation of an advisor and installment of a new advisor.

Student organizations are allowed a period of one month (not including the summer) to secure a new University advisor. The organization has 10 business days following the resignation of a University advisor to secure an interim advisor until a permanent one can be secured. An unreasonable time between advisors, a lack of action in seeking a new advisor, failure to inform Student Life of a resignation of an advisor and failure to resubmit an advisor agreement will result in inactive status for the student organization. The following are responsibilities of University advisors.

Advisors must sign the Student Organization Officer Form annually. Please visit, www.ulm.edu/studentlife for pdf copies of these and other forms. By signing these forms, the ULM faculty/staff member certifies that he/she will fulfill the duties of a registered student organization advisor to the best of his/her ability and that he/she has read, understands, and agrees to act in accordance with the University’s Hazing Policy.