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2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizational Activities

Activities of each student organization are subject to review by the Office of Student Life and Leadership, Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Student Organization Judicial Committee, in addition to the review exercised by Councils, Associations, Departments, Colleges, or other groups to which the student organization may be related.

Event Approval and Registration General Policy

Student organizations registered with Student Life and Leadership are required to obtain approval for all events held on-campus and all fund-raising activities held both on and off-campus. Failure to obtain approval for events can lead to the loss of privileges, such as reserving space, removal from active status, or referral to the Office of Student Services (Student Conduct).


Under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Life, and Greek Life serve as approval authorities for events. Approval of any event is tentative until all necessary arrangements are made and final approvals are received from these two offices.

  • Individual students and all other registered student organizations must receive approval from Student Life.
  • Fraternities and sororities must receive event approval from Greek Life and the Office of Student Life and Leadership.
  • T-shirts, food/caterers, corporate sponsors, and fund-raising must be approved by the Office of Student Life and Leadership prior to the final approval of the event.
  • Security must be reserved with ULM PD prior to final approval of the event. Events with alcohol require approvals for food, third-party alcohol provider, and security prior to final approval of the event.

Event Registration Deadlines

Events must be registered no later than ten (10) full working days before the event is scheduled to occur. Please note that some departments require additional deadlines. These deadlines are listed below.

  • ULM PD requires at least ten (10) working days notice if security is required.
  • The Office of Student Services requires that all events in the Student Union and Student Center be reserved the day before the event is scheduled to occur and by 9 a.m. on Monday on the week of the event for weekend events.


As a general rule, the event location and equipment needed should be reserved at least ten (10) days in advance. Student organizations are responsible for making arrangements with the appropriate offices or departments for reservation of space, cleanup, deliveries, security, and for payment of such services. Reservations are considered tentative until the event is formally approved by the Office of Student Life and Leadership. Please note some departments have additional deadlines, which are listed below.

  • Classroom Space Reservations – The ULM Registrar’s office maintains space requests for all classrooms. Requests for classroom space can be emailed or reserved online. Please email Shelley Johnston at for more information.
  • University Conference Center (7th Floor of the Library) - Reservations for the University Conference Center can be made through Megan Hodge at (318) 342-3624 or Please note that RSO’s must pay a rental fee to use this space regardless of the time. Please refer to the University Conference Center Policy for more in depth information on guidelines.
  • Alumni Center (Anna Gray Noe Alumni Center) – The Anna Gray Noe Alumni Center is located at 4400 Bon Aire Drive and is the home of the Office of Alumni Relations and the “L” Club. The Alumni Center social room is a great venue for weddings, parties or other social events, and is available for rent by dues-paying ULM alumni. Visit to download (as a PDF) the application and insurance requirement form to reserve the Anna Gray Noe Alumni Center social room. For more information, please contact Nancy Davis at (318) 342-5421 or 1-866-WARHAWK (866-927-4295) or
  • Equipment Rental – ULM Physical Plant suggests at least ten (10) days notice for items such as tables, chairs, etc. To reserve equipment, a work-order must be completed online at and be faxed to Physical Plant directly to (318) 342-5219.
  • Security – ULM PD requires at least ten (10) working days notice if security is required. An additional form must be completed with ULM PD to request and make payment for services. UPD can be reached at (318) 342-5350.
  • Activity (Recreation) Center, Intramural Fields, and other non-athletic facilities Reservations – The ULM Department of Recreational Services requires all reservations to be submitted at least two weeks in advance (major events require one month advance notice). To reserve space, please contact Blake Laliberte at 342-5310 or
  • Student Center (SC)/Student Union Building (SUB)/Reservation Policy
    • When a reservation can be made:
      Reservations can be made through the Scheduling Office located in the Student Center Room 248. Reservations may be turned in Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Friday 8:00 am – 11 a.m. except on university holidays and semester breaks. Generally, reservations for events should be made ten (10) days in advance; for any day and time the SUB/Student Center is open, and as far in advance as the University Calendar is set.
    • Requesting a reservation
      (room reservation forms are located on-line): A reservation may be requested by submitting a completed and signed Event Request Form to the Scheduling Office located in the Student Center Room 248. The Scheduling Office will confirm your reservation by e-mail. Your acceptance of the confirmation, with a return e-mail, will be your official confirmation.
    • Changing a reservation
      To change a reservation, the original requestor must contact the Scheduling Office between the hours of 8:00-4:30 pm Monday-Thursday and 8:00-11:30 am on Friday. All changes must be made in writing at least two (2) working days in advance.
    • Canceling a reservation
      Notice of a cancellation of a reservation must reach the Scheduling Office no later than 48 hours prior to the date of the event. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in forfeiture of deposit (if applicable), loss of reservation privileges for your group, or assessment of applicable room charges.
    • No-Shows
      Please be sure to cancel any rooms (reservations) that you do not plan to use at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled reservation. Rooms will be monitored and “no shows” will be logged into the scheduling system. With two reported “no shows” the Scheduling Office reserves the right to charge for the missed reservation or cancel future room reservations for that group.
    • After hours Event Policy
      While the Student Center and SUB operating hours are extensive and meet the needs of the university community for most events, there are occasions when scheduled events require the extension of building hours beyond the scheduled closing time. Depending upon the number of participants, or the nature of the activity, the sponsoring group will be required to pay for additional staff and/or additional overtime for security or custodial personnel. An hourly fee will be charged for each hour the building remains open and our staff is on duty.
  • University House Reservation Policy:

The University House, constructed in 1940, was the original University Residence, serving as the president’s home until 1995. The University Residence was renamed University House (#31 on the ULM Campus Map.) and now serves as a guest house for ULM  visitors. Events can be hosted in the University House, but these events must meet certain criteria and usually require a signed contract and/or fee. For a list of these polices and criteria please visit or you can  download (as a PDF) the application at: Event management of the University House is coordinated through Megan Hodge. Contact Megan at (318) 342-3624 or for more information.

  • Scott Plaza/Quad/Bayou Park Reservation Policy: 

Bayou Park is located on the west side of Bayou DeSiard, between the foot bridge and the Northeast Drive car bridge. Scott Plaza is located between the Library and the SUB. The fountain is located in Scott Plaza. The Quad is located between the SUB and the Student  Success Center. The Office of Student Life and Leadership is responsible for scheduling daily events and University sponsored activities at these venues with following restrictions:

Since Bayou Park, Scott Plaza or the Quad does not have adequate event lighting or restroom facilities, ONLY events held during daylight hours will be held at these venues. University groups may be charged a minimum fee for the facility. Individuals and community  groups will have a minimum charge of $ 500.00 for use of these facilities for one day. Use is limited to Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday when school is not in session or during the summer months. All groups will be responsible for security provided by ULM Police (if required), clean-up, and insurance. All outside groups must provide insurance.  Any exceptions to this policy will be determined by the Vice President for Student Affairs and the President’s Office. 

Event Approval

To get an event approved by the Student Life and Leadership Office, the recognized student organization must submit an event request through the online Atlas system. These requests should be turned in at least two weeks prior to the desired event date, as there are several levels of approval. First, the request must be approved online by the group’s advisor. Next, the request must be approved online by the facility manager of the desired location. (Please note that reservations must have been made and paperwork turned in prior to submitting the event request on Atlas, as Atlas does not complete reservations for you.) Then, if necessary, the University Police Department must approve the request online. Finally, a representative from the Office of Student Life will review the request and give final approval. The person who submitted the request will receive a notice of approval or denial via email from the Atlas system. All group activity should be recorded in the Atlas system following this procedure to provide a record of approved activity.

  • Approval is needed for events such as assemblies, banquets, blood drives, concerts, cultural events, dances, events with amplified sound, parades, pep rallies, peaceful assemblies, and posting of bulletin tables.
  • Car bashes and similar dangerous practices will not be approved.
  • Bands and amplification must not begin until after 4:30 p.m. Monday–Thursday and after 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Bands and amplification must cease before midnight if outdoors.

Event Planning Guide

Planning an event can be a very complex process. Below is a list of steps that should be followed in order by you and your organization in this process.

  • Develop event concept, title, and budget with organization
  • Develop target audience and expected attendance
  • Select starting and ending dates and times
  • Present this information to the organization’s advisor for approval
  • Reserve location through appropriate facility manager, including paperwork
  • Reserve any necessary equipment for the event (tables, chairs, trash cans, etc. are available from the Physical Plant - other equipment may need to be rented from an outside source)
  • Create an event outline/time-line
  • Fill out all necessary paperwork (travel forms, waivers, fund-raising forms, security, etc.)
  • Submit event request to Atlas (at least two weeks prior to event date)
  • Bring advertising materials to the Office of Student Life for approval
  • Execute event plan

Some other questions to consider are:

  1. Will there be alcohol at this event?
  2. Will there be giveaways or t-shirts made for this event?
  3. Will there be food for this event?
  4. Does my location have water and electricity available?
  5. Does the venue provide the equipment needed for this event? If not, where?

For additional assistance in planning events, please make an appointment with the Coordinator of Student Development.