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2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s)

Student Life defines a recognized student organization as an association of 5 or more “full-time” ULM students organized for the purpose of supporting the educational mission of the University.

Relationship with the University

Student Life serves as the University’s approval authority and liaison to recognized student organizations at ULM. The Vice President for Student Affairs approves the charter rights for new student organizations to exist on campus. The Office of Student Life facilitates the organization’s ability to maintain active status and function successfully at ULM.

University recognition of a student organization does not imply control of, support for, or agreement with the organization’s purposes, goals, or philosophy. Participation in student organizations is voluntary. However, recognized student organizations must abide by all University rules and regulations as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Student Organization Membership

Student Life requires recognized student organizations to have at least 5 (five) members in order to maintain active status (Fraternities and Sororities must maintain requirements established by National Headquarters). Student Life also restricts student organization membership to ULM students, faculty, and staff. The University Advisor is restricted to ULM faculty and staff, which are non-voting members of the organization.

Use of the University Name

The general rule for recognized student organizations is that the University name can only be used in certain instances. Please refer to for information about using University of Louisiana at Monroe logos, graphics, and name.

Also, check out the University Identity Standards Manual, which is the Guidelines on the correct use of ULM logos, colors, fonts, font families, and letterhead/envelope layouts at Please consult the Office of Student Life at (318) 342-5287 or the Office of Public Information at (318) 342- 5440 with all questions and concerns prior to using any ULM logo, fonts, etc…

For usage of the Warhawk Athletic Logo please refer to Warhawks Identity Standards Manual, which shows the guidelines for Identity standards relating to the Warhawks logo at: /document.php?i=18128. Any questions or concerns prior to any usage please contact the Department of Athletics at (318) 342-5360 for approval.

Student Organization Categories

Students forming a new organization must select a category for their group. Dividing student organizations by category assists other students (prospective members) to find organization’s that satisfy their interests. The categories include:

  • Cultural – Promotes the history and traditions of a specific culture as well as providing support for members of the culture within the campus community. Examples include the Indian Student Association and the Native American Student Association.
  • Honorary – Recognize a high level of academic achievement and generally require a demonstrated interest in a particular career or academic discipline.
  • IFC Fraternity – The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of all associate and full member fraternities at the University of Louisiana Monroe.
  • NPHC Fraternity or Sorority – The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is a collaborative organization of nine historically African American, international Greek lettered fraternities and sororities.
  • NPC Sorority – The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is an umbrella organization for 26 (inter)national sororities / women’s fraternities.
  • Philanthropic – supports and/or helps fund-raise for a non-profit organization
  • Professional – Provides students with a preview of their anticipated professional careers. Group activities include speakers, field trips, and volunteer opportunities, field work, and service-learning projects.
  • Recreational – Promotes sports-oriented programs and/or recreational activities.
  • Religious – Serves as a support network for students of a particular religious denomination or spiritual interest.
  • Service – Provides volunteer opportunities on and off campus. Some groups include a commitment to work for a particular cause with the local chapter of a nonprofit organization and service-learning.
  • Special Interest – Focuses on a specific interest or topic.

Creating a New Student Organization

A new student organization can be created when a group of five or more ULM students form a registered student organization. In order to form the organization, all students must be currently enrolled full-time students in good academic and disciplinary standing. The process to become a registered student organization is as follows:

  • Schedule a meeting with the Coordinator of Student Development to go over the full process, including rules and regulations, as well as discussing requirements for the constitution.
  • Secure a University advisor who is currently a full-time member of the ULM faculty or staff. The advisor must read and sign the Advisor Agreement form.
  • Provide the Coordinator of Student Development of a list of five students who wish to help charter the new organization.
  • Email a completed constitution to the Coordinator of Student Development for review. The submitted material will be reviewed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and recommendations or suggestions made where warranted. The constitution outline is shown below:
  1. The following general outline should be followed:
    1. Name
    2. Purposes
    3. Membership
      1. Defined
      2. Qualifications
      3. Non-Discrimination Membership Clause
    4. Officers and Faculty Advisors
      1. Positions
      2. Duties for Each Position
      3. Method of Selection
    5. Meetings
    6. Committees
      1. Names
      2. Responsibilities
    7. Requirements for Amendment of Constitution
  • The constitution of each student organization seeking recognition by the University must contain a statement that the organization and its members agree to uphold and abide by the rules and regulations of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.
  • Officers in any RSO must have at least a 2.50 cumulative grade point average at the time of elections and during the term of office. (Fraternities and Sororities GPA must be in accordance with their National Headquarters)
  • Upon receiving the request to establish an RSO, the Office of Student Life will review the materials. Upon approval from the VP for Student Affairs, the newly recognized student organization will be notified and will at that point be eligible to participate as a part of the University community.

Maintaining Official University Recognition
Responsibilities of RSO’s

  1. Compliance with Student Organization Handbook and Student Code of Conduct.
  2. Participation in campus projects and initiatives.
  3. Timely submission of required paperwork to the Office of Student Life.
    1. Beginning of the year (by September 15):
      1. Roster/Organizational Update (roster, profile, etc.) via Atlas.
      2. Constitution (We only collect this once and then update as needed.)
    2. Throughout the year (minimum of 10 days prior to event):
      1. ULM Activity Request–All events hosted by RSOs must be submitted to and approved via Atlas.
      2. ULM Fundraising Request
    3. End of the year (by May 15): Organizational Update of Roster, Officer, etc…
  4. Respect the rights and property of others including the University, administrators, officials, instructors, staff, students, and guests.
  5. Refrain from using the name of the University in an official capacity (i.e. T-shirts, promotional materials, etc.) without the express written permission of an authorized administrator, Office of Public Information or an official of the University.
  6. Obtain a member of the University faculty/staff to serve as an advisor to the organization. Note: If your faculty/staff advisor resigns, an interim advisor must be obtained within 10 business days. Graduate assistants cannot serve as advisors.
  7. Assist the University administration in the investigation of matters pertaining to University policy or local and/or state laws.
  8. Notify the Office of Student Life in writing of a change in leadership within ten (10) days of the change and provide in writing an accurate roster of presiding officers and advisors.
  9. Confine active membership to regularly enrolled students and other official University members.
  10. Accept all financial responsibilities incurred by the chapter.

Rights of RSO’s:

  1. Nominations for royalty elections (homecoming, Mardi Gras)
  2. Application for organizational grants and fundraising
  3. Participation in campus recruitment (Browse on the Bayou, PREP, etc.)
  4. Inclusion in Student Life and Leadership publications and web site
  5. Publicity on campus (posters, flyers, web site, information signs, etc.)
  6. Use of campus facilities and resources
  7. Participation in intramural sports

Student Organization Terms

Student Life uses different terms to describe the status of student organizations. Student groups at ULM usually fall into one of the following six status categories. Please refer to the ULM Code of Student Conduct Section Six in the Student Policy Manual for a full list of censures/sanctions to see a complete list of all organizational statuses. All student groups associated with campus departments must become registered student organizations.

  • Active – Active status is defined as the status of an organization that has completed all requirements to become a registered student organization or has completed all of the requirements for registration renewal. Student organizations on active status are listed on the Student Life website and may take advantage of the benefits offered to registered student organizations at ULM.
  • Probation – Probationary status is defined as the status of an organization that has been removed from active status for violations of Student Life policies, University policies, and/or local, state, and federal laws. The length of probationary status varies. Student organizations on probation may be required to complete certain requirements before being placed back on active status.
  • Inactive – Inactive status is defined as the status of an organization that has not attempted to complete the registration renewal process or has failed to conduct its affairs in accordance with Student Life policies, University policies, and/or local, state, and federal laws. Student organizations on inactive status are removed from all registered student organization lists and are not permitted to utilize any of the benefits of being an active student organization such as participating in student organization events, hosting events, fundraising, seek funding from campus entities, reserving rooms or services, and enjoying the benefits of being recognized as a student organization at ULM. Inactive organizations can apply for registration renewal at any time, but must meet the requirements on “Reinstatement of an Organization” (in this handbook) within a period of one semester.

Officer Requirements

Student Life requires student organization officers to meet the eligibility criteria below. Eligibility requirements will be verified by Student Life and the organization will be contacted if someone is not eligible to serve.

  • Students must be enrolled with full-time status at ULM
  • Students must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Students must meet all other reasonable academic standards established by the student organization and included in the organization’s constitution and/or bylaws.
  • Students must not be on academic or disciplinary probation

Amending Student Organization Constitution

Any proposed change or changes in the constitution and/or bylaws must be emailed to the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life will review any proposed changes and forward to the Vice President for Student Affairs for action.

Based on the action of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Office of Student Life will notify the person submitting the proposed change, in writing, of the action taken (adoption, rejection, or return of the proposed change for further development). No change in a student organization constitution and/or bylaws will become effective until officially approved.

Student Organization Conduct Regulations

Student organization officers and members are expected to know and abide by all regulations for student organizations and for students in general and are subject to the expectations within the Code of Student Conduct. When a student is representing their organization both on and off-campus, they are also representing ULM and should remember to act accordingly.

Code of Student Conduct

The University’s established procedure for considering alleged violations of University policy by individual students is outlined in the ULM Code of Student Conduct. The fact that alleged individual misconduct grows out of participation in an activity sponsored or engaged in by a registered student organization does not eliminate the individual student’s accountability under the provisions of the ULM Code of Student Conduct. The fact that individual students are held accountable for actions taken while participating in an organization’s activity, does not eliminate the accountability of the organization for its actions. Although the administrative procedure of the Code is not to be used to hear charges of misconduct against registered student organizations, the University does hold student organizations accountable for acts or omissions taken by the organization that violate the misconduct provisions of the Code through the Office of Student Life in conjunction with Student Services (Student Conduct). The Office that handles individual misconduct is Student Services, which is located in Student Center 239.

Reinstatement of an Organization

To regain active, officially-recognized status, all conditions of original recognition shall be met. In addition, any outstanding debts due the University from the earlier operation of the organization on-campus must be paid, and evidence of payment presented to the Office of Student Life at the time the application for reinstatement is filed.