May 29, 2023  
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Dear Student Organization Leaders,

Recognized Student organizations provide a valuable service to the University community by promoting leadership development, community spirit, activism, public service, and social and cultural interactions. Each year the more than 150 registered student organizations sponsor seminars, lectures, debates, cultural and social events. These programs allow ULM students to meet and interact with local, state, and nationally renowned scholars, artists, politicians, academicians, and other professionals.

RecognizedStudent organization members spend countless volunteer hours participating in service projects for campus and the community. In the course of planning and implementing organizational activities, registered student organizations need information on the use of University facilities, budgeting, planning techniques, and many special arrangement concerns. This handbook is designed to provide an easily used reference guide for members of registered student organizations. It contains information regarding University services and several suggestions for student leaders to use in making their organizations more productive and effective.

University recognition of a student organization does not imply control of, support for, or agreement with the organization’s purposes, goals, or philosophy. Participation in student organizations is voluntary.

This handbook does not provide answers to all of an organization’s questions or outline special cases, but it is a helpful reference guide. Student leaders who use this handbook will have some definite ideas and suggestions for improving future editions. We encourage you to share those with us.

Congratulations to all registered student organizations for prior accomplishments and best wishes on future events. The Office of Student Life and Leadership looks forward to working with you and your organization. It is our hope that you will strive for excellence and be recognized for outstanding leadership and dedication to service at the annual Student Affairs Awards Night.

Good luck and GO Warhawks!

Camile Currier
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

For University rules and regulations consult the ULM Code of Student Conduct and Policy Manual Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) should consult the Student Life and Leadership website, for updates on policies and procedures, and always consult with the appropriate University personnel when clarification is needed.