Jun 22, 2024  
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Incomplete or “I” Grade

Work which is of satisfactory quality but which, because of circumstances beyond the student’s control, is not complete, may be marked “I” (incomplete). The deficiency must be met within the first month of the next regular semester or within the first two weeks of either summer session of attendance (whichever comes first). “I” grades are removed only by completion of the course work, not by repeating the course. “I” grades are computed as “F” grades, unless changed to a final passing grade. If the student does not resume studies either at this university or elsewhere within a calendar year following the semester or summer session for which the “I” grade was recorded, the “I” grade cannot be removed. Instructors should not allow students to complete work for a course in an attempt to remove an “I” grade without prior approval of the instructor’s academic dean.