May 19, 2024  
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2015-2016 ULM Student Policy Manual [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Renewal

Academic renewal provides the opportunity for a fresh start for those students who have had academic difficulties in the past but are ready to commit themselves to scholastic success. Students who wish to apply for academic renewal, also called academic clemency, Academic forgiveness, or academic bankruptcy, must meet certain criteria and follow the established application procedures. One of the essential criteria for qualifying for academic renewal is that at least three calendar years must have gone by since the end of the semester in which the student was registered for credit at any college or university and the beginning of enrollment under academic renewal. A student may apply for academic renewal at any time during his/her enrollment in the University as long as this minimum period has lapsed. A student can receive academic renewal only once in his/her undergraduate career, regardless of the number of institutions attended. A student who has earned a degree cannot declare academic renewal if any of the course work to be considered in academic renewal was earned prior to receipt of a degree. The graduate level does not offer or recognize academic renewal. Also, the awarding of academic renewal does not affect a student’s financial aid history; therefore, students should speak with the ULM Financial Aid Office prior to appeal for academic renewal.

If a student is eligible, he/she may begin the academic renewal process by submitting a written petition to the dean of his/her college. In the petition the student will explain the changes that he/she has made that will give the University reason to believe that the student will experience academic success and will perform satisfactorily in the succeeding semesters. A transfer student who has previously been granted academic renewal elsewhere may apply for consideration of transfer of academic renewal to ULM. He/she should use the application procedure described above. If academic renewal is granted, the dean will notify the student and the Registrar, and the Registrar will implement the necessary transcript and records changes.

After a student has been granted academic renewal, the date that the renewal was approved will be noted on his/her transcript, and the transcript will also note that all of the student’s previously-earned hours and quality points will neither be used to compute his/her GPA nor will they be applied toward his/her program of study. The student’s prior academic history will be included in and will remain a part of his/her overall academic transcript and record. The status of a student who receives academic renewal will be based upon the subsequent credits that he/she earns, and the student will follow the guidelines of the appropriate catalog(s).

Other institutions have their own policies and may or may not accept academic renewal as granted at this institution. In addition, when considering applications for admission, many undergraduate professional curricula, graduate schools, and professional schools choose to compute the undergraduate grade point average over all of the hours attempted.