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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Music Education, M.M.E. (131312)

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Program Description

The ULM Master of Music Education degree will be a summer-only program, on campus, with a focus on advanced concepts in music teacher pedagogy and effective delivery of instruction.  The degree will have two concentrations available in Choral/General Music or Instrumental areas, each consisting of 36 total credit hours.  The degree is obtainable in three summer sessions.  Course rotations, and 12 credits successfully completed per summer, will facilitate completion of the degree in that time frame.

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to the university requirements for admission to the Graduate School at ULM, applicants to the Master of Music Education (MME) must meet the following requirements:

  1. A valid music teaching credential
  2. A writing sample chosen from the following options (or an alternate option determined by the MME faculty if none of these is feasible) :
  • a high quality undergraduate research paper
  • professional essay/position paper of at least 3 pages which presents your reasoned opinions about a) why the Arts/Music should be included in school curriculum, b) your short term goals for contributing to arts education through your current job, and c) long term professional contributions you could make to society at large following completion of the degree.
  • extensive handbook or similar teaching document that is primarily your work

 Professional letters of recommendation (3) from those who have supervised or observed you in teaching/performance environments and can address your strengths

Program Requirements


Graduate Courses

Note: To receive graduate credit for a 4000-level course designated “For Undergraduate and Graduates,” a student must be in graduate admission status at the time credit is earned in the course. Credit earned in undergraduate admission status cannot be changed to graduate credit.

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