Mar 05, 2021  
2018-2019 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2018-2019 ULM Student Policy Manual

Billing Procedures

In order for a student’s enrollment to be complete, the student’s registration fees must be paid in full. It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up on anticipated or pending financial aid to ensure that the student’s bill is paid in full.

  1. Payments must be received in the “University”, by mail in the Controller’s Office, or via web payment on or before the published deadline to avoid classes being dropped. To avoid being dropped, students must:
    1. Have a zero balance by the fee payment deadline as a result of payment(s)
    2. Have a zero balance by the fee payment deadline as a result of financial aid and/or scholarships and/or waivers
    3. Have signed up for the online payment plan by the fee payment deadline

It is the student’s responsibility to drop their courses if they have decided for any reason not to attend ULM. As of June 8, 2009, ULM will be using a third party (Touch Net PayPath) to process our credit payments for tuition, fees, room and board. A fee will be charged to pay by credit card (MasterCard, Discover and American Express only). If you do not want to pay the fee you may choose the free option, pay by online check.

Note: Pay full amount shown. Do not adjust the fee bill. If the balance shown needs adjusting, contact Student Account Services at (318) 342-5116. For questions concerning Financial Aid call (318) 342-5320.

  1. Students who do not pay registration fees by the published deadline:
    1. Will be dropped from classes.
    2. Will be responsible for any balance that results from the loss of their financial aid, scholarships, waivers, etc. during the session or semester.
  2. Failure to view the fee statement on line does not relieve the student of the responsibility of paying fees by the published deadline. Fee Statements will not be mailed to students. Student must access their Fee Statement/Bill online through the Banner System. An e-mail to remind students of the fee deadline will be sent approximately 2 weeks prior to the fee deadline.
  3.    1. If a student pays by check to meet the fee payment deadline and the check is not honored by the student’s bank, that student will be charged the $100 late registration fee if their courses are dropped and they decide to re-register.
       2. Students who pay by a check that is dishonored will be charged a NSF fee of $15.00 in addition to any other applicable fees.
    Note: By reference, the bulletin of information contained in the schedule of classes applicable to each term supplements updates, and may supersede these billing procedures.
  4. Checks not honored by student’s bank and subsequently not taken care of by the student may be turned over to a collection agency. All additional collection cost becomes the student’s responsibility.