Sep 20, 2020  
2018-2019 ULM Student Policy Manual 
2018-2019 ULM Student Policy Manual

Course Drop and Resignation Policy

To resign from ULM, please log in to Self Service Banner to drop all your classes. If the hold restricts the ability to drop online, students should contact his/her advisor.

Students may drop courses or resign from the institution with grades of “W” prior to a date specified in the official University Calendar. That date is generally three weeks after midsemester in a regular semester and the equivalent period in a summer session. (Actual drop/resign dates are published in each calendar for the respective schedule of classes.) After that specified date, students may not drop a course or resign.

Drop dates for short courses will vary depending on the length of the course; these dates are published in the current issue of the ULM Schedule of Classes. Students who have extraordinary cases with extenuating circumstances may submit to their academic dean a letter of appeal, along with documentation to substantiate the case. Extraordinary cases do not include dissatisfaction with an anticipated grade or the decision to change a major. Approval of an appeal for dropping a course or resigning after the published date may be granted by the student’s dean for reasons stated below and only if the reason can be officially documented to show direct due cause. If approval to drop a course is granted, the student must also have been passing the course immediately prior to the hardship, and must have applied for the approval immediately after the hardship or illness ended. The grade assigned shall be a “W.” If the dean allows the student to resign, a “W” grade shall be assigned in all courses. If the appeal is approved, the dean will notify the instructor and the Registrar. Examples of appealable cases are as follows:

  1. Illness/Injury—The student must provide a letter on official stationery from the attending physician stating that the illness or injury will render the student unable to complete the course, or will cause the student to miss a significant number of days so as to make it difficult to complete the course. A hospital bill may also be used.
  2. Death of an immediate family member which caused undue hardship and renders the student incapable of completing the course—The student must provide a copy of the death certificate, obituary stating relationship to the deceased, or letter from the attending clergy.
  3. Natural disaster or exceptional traumatic event (documentation will be required)—The student must provide a written explanation of extenuating circumstances providing this event causes the student undue hardships.
  4. National Defense—The student must provide a copy of official military orders.

Grades of “F” will be assigned to students who do not complete the enrollment period and who have not officially dropped their courses or resigned.

An appeal for a change in official academic records must be made no later than 30 days after the end of the semester or term in which the alleged error in academic records occurred.