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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Housing and Living Accommodations


Auxiliary Enterprises

Housing and Living Accommodations

Campus housing is under Auxiliary Enterprises and the Department of Residential Life First-time freshmen and new transfer students will receive necessary information to access the online Housing Application after they have been accepted to the University. Continuing students will have access to the online application during the room sign up period spring semester.

A $200 room reservation fee and a $100 prepayment of the Fall housing must accompany every housing application for first-time freshmen and new transfer students. Current residents, who re-apply for their housing, will pay a $100 room reservation fee and a $200 prepayment of their Fall housing.  The room reservation fee and the prepayment for the Fall housing must be paid each subsequent year prior to a student receiving an assignment.

Please Note: A second prepayment in the amount of $200.00 will be due on May 1st. This will be applied as a credit to your Fall 2014 fee bill. You will lose your priority assignment if this is not paid by May 1st. This second prepayment will be required of all first time freshmen, transfers, graduates and all current students living on campus.

Students residing in university housing must abide by all university policies and procedures, the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Policy Manual and the Guide to Residence Hall Living. Both documents are located on the Residential Life website at

Meal Plan

All students living in on-campus housing and taking classes (WEB classes included) are required to contract for a meal plan. ON-CAMPUS MEAL PLAN CONTRACT 

Important: Students with apartment contracts for the academic year plus summer, and participating in internships, or clinical rotations are required to contract for a meal plan unless prior approval for an exemption is granted. Prior approval requests are due by May 20th and must be approved by the Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises.


Available Housing

Bayou Village Apartments: The apartments are one-bedroom/one bath, two bedroom/two bath and four bedroom/two bath apartments. All apartments are fully furnished including all kitchen appliances plus a washer/dryer combination. Each apartment has its own HV/AC unit. The apartments do not close during the winter break.

There are two contract options for the four bedroom apartments:

  • The academic year which goes from August move-in to the end of the spring semester in May
  • The academic year plus summer which is August move in to summer II move out
  • The only option for the one and two-bedroom apartments is the academic year plus summer. (August to August).

Bayou Suites and University Commons II:  These are inside corridor buildings with two private bedrooms and a shared bath. Bayou Suites is a Scholars Hall with a required 3.3 cumulative GPA for returning students and a 3.5 cumulative GPA for first time freshmen. Each bedroom has a ceiling fan and each suite has an HV/AC unit that is controlled by the residents in the suite.

University Commons I: This building has double occupancy rooms with a shared bathroom. The room has a ceiling fan, and individual HV/AC unit. Each resident has their own closet with mirrored doors. There are laundry facilities throughout the building and vending machines as well as community room for programming.

Madison (male only): This residence hall has double occupancy suite style rooms with a shared bathroom. Each room has individual HV/AC units. Madison is an exterior corridor building. There is a laundry facility, computer lab, vending machines, and a community room with a large screen TV centrally located for residents’ use.

Masur Hall: This residence hall is an all-female, exterior corridor building with double occupancy or private room suites, and a shared bathroom. All the rooms have individual HV/AC units. Residents will have the option of heat or air at any time. Also on site is a community building that features a large screen TV, study areas, a computer lab, laundry facility, and a computer lab.

Ouachita Hall (female only). This residence hall is an interior corridor building with card access. There are laundry facilities on all floors, computer lab on the first floor and vending machines are also located on the first floor. There is a community room with a large screen TV and a kitchen for the use of the residents.

ULM has minimum cumulative GPA requirements for all students living in on-campus housing. The following are the Residential Life academic requirements:

  • Continuing students must possess at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA to live on campus.
  • Commons I and Commons II require at least a 2.3 cumulative GPA.
  • Apartment Buildings 6 and 7 require a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Bayou Village Suites and Apartment Building 5 are scholar halls requiring:
    1.  continuing students to possess at least a 3.3
    2.  first time freshmen scholars to possess at least a 3.5 high school GPA and ACT score of at least a 24.

CONTRACT TERMS:  The contract term for residence halls and suites is the academic year (August to May). There are two contract options for the four bedroom apartments:

  • The academic year which goes from August move-in to the end of the end of the spring semester in May
  • The academic year plus summer which is August move in to summer II move out

The only option for the one and two-bedroom apartments is the academic year plus summer. (August to August). Students living in the apartments cannot cancel their housing contract mid-year unless they withdraw from the university.

Building Access: Bayou Suites, University Commons I and II, Ouachita Hall, and Bayou Village Apartments are interior corridor, controlled access buildings. Students assigned to these buildings will use their ID cards to access the buildings and are issued keys to their individual rooms. Madison Hall and Masur Hall are exterior corridor buildings with key access to their rooms.

Residential Life 2014-2015 Housing Rates

Masur Hall $1,270 $2,066 Fall, Spring
Madison Hall $1,370 $2,266 Fall, Spring
Ouachita Hall $1,370 $2,266 Fall, Spring
University Commons I (Double Occupancy) $2,015 N/A Fall, Spring
University Commons II (Private Rooms)  N/A $2,575 Fall, Spring
Bayou Suites (Private Rooms)  N/A $2,575 Fall, Spring
4 Bedroom, 2 Bath   $2,845 Per semester (Fall and Spring) - Academic Year
4 Bedroom, 2 Bath   $3,035 Per semester (Fall and Spring) - Academic Plus Summer
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath   $3,465 Per semester (Fall and Spring) - Academic Plus Summer
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath   $4,110 Per semester (Fall and Spring) - Academic Plus Summer



All of our rooms have HD digital television programming, with options for premium package upgrades. All rooms have high-speed Internet connections as well as access to the wireless system. There may be times when the wireless signal drops or cannot be accessed; therefore, it is recommended that students use the Ethernet connection provided in each room when working on important assignments or online test. Ethernet cords and TV cable cords are not provided by Residential Life, the Internet provider or the Cable TV providers.

All utilities (water, electricity, HV/AC) are included in the price of the room. All residence halls and suites are furnished with a twin bed, desk, chair, and chest of drawers. The bed size in the apartments is a full size (double). Parking is available at the buildings for the residents. University Commons I, University Commons II and Ouachita have a controlled access parking area.

Mail is delivered to each building and the apartments. Packages sent by FedEx or UPS are delivered to the Residential Life Office in University Commons II and a representative will sign for the package and a notification will be sent to the resident’s ULM email address. When picking up a package, the student is required to have a University or official state picture identification before the package will be released.

Each floor has an RA who provides programs for the residents, keeps them informed about what is going on in the residence halls, apartments and other places on campus. They are “the go to” people.

Maintaining the buildings in optimum condition is important to us; therefore, a maintenance person is on call 24/7 to respond to any and all maintenance issues.

Graduate Student Housing

As a graduate student at ULM you are not limited in where you choose to live. You have multiple options ranging from traditional style residence halls, private bedroom suites or apartments. ULM has a total of three traditional style residence halls, one private bath/double occupancy building, two private bedroom/one bath suite style buildings and the Bayou Village apartment complex. For additional information please check our website at

Housing Exemptions and Appeals


In order to be fair and consistent in considering exemptions from the on-campus residency requirement, students who believe they meet the criteria for an allowable exemption should first contact the Office of Student Services located in the Student Center, Room 239, in person for correct information concerning appropriate procedure and documentation. Students seeking exemption from the requirement must complete and submit an Off-Campus Housing Request application packet obtained in the Office of Student Services. Applications must be submitted no later than June 1st for the Fall semester, November 15th for the Spring semester and no later than April 15th for the Summer semester. Approval to live off campus must be granted from the Office of Student Services BEFORE the student makes any binding arrangements to live off campus. Students are cautioned about entering into binding contracts, leases or rental agreements before exemption decisions have been made. Mandatory housing, meals and associated fees may still be assessed if a student moves prior to approval. The University-endorsed allowable exemptions are:

  1. If the student will have earned 95 qualified hours prior to the beginning of the semester he/she is requesting to live off-campus.
  2. If the student’s permanent residence is in any of the exempt parishes: Bienville, Caldwell, Catahoula, East Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, LaSalle, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Richland, Tensas, Union, West Carroll, or Winn.
  3. If the student will be living in a primary (not apartment) with a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian, in any exempt parish. Notarized letters required from home owner and parent and copy of homestead exemption.
  4. If the student is going to be residing in the same apartment/house with a brother or sister that has previously been given an exemption to live off-campus.
  5. If the student is going to be living in property owned by you, the student, or your immediate family (parents, grandparents, brother, sister or legal guardian) in any exempt parish. A copy of the deed, bill of sale, or title must be submitted along with a current utility bill.
  6. If the student is married, divorced or has a child. (documentation required)
  7. If the student is classified as a veteran with at least 24 months active duty. (DD-214 Form must be submitted).
  8. If the student suffers from a severe medical condition. (documentation required) Note: Allergies are not generally considered to be a severe medical condition.
  9. If it appears the student will suffer significant financial hardship. Financial hardship is defined as extenuating circumstances that present a financial burden on a family; [ex. death of a primary provider, loss of employment (documentation required), natural disaster.] Living off-campus simply because it is less expensive or cheaper is not considered a “financial hardship”.
  10. If the student has been out of high school for at least four (4) years.
  11. If the student has an undergraduate degree or completed four (4) semesters at a Community/Junior College.

Students who have been denied an exemption for off-campus living by the Office of Student Services may appeal to the Housing Appeals Committee. Please note that decisions rendered by the Housing Appeals Committee will be final.